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Say you’ve got a child who’s now 5 years old. In 20 years, she might be graduating from university, and on the lookout to establish her career. But what kinds of jobs will be in demand and available to her then?

We’ll never know with any certainty, but what we do know is that the world is changing rapidly in terms of technology, digitisation, and globalisation.

Jobs that now require a whole team of people may soon be replaced with automation. Processes that needed you to physically be at a certain location may be completed with the swipe of your smartphone.

So, look to secure employment in your young ‘uns future by zooming into these specific areas.


Career Trends in 20 years

Want a future-proof career? Here are the money makers.

1. Medical care

As we head towards an aging population, the elderly will need more specialised medical care. While automation can help optimise healthcare, nothing beats human presence and care. Bio-medical engineering is breaking new grounds, so that’s another field to explore.

2. Education

No matter how advanced technologies get, you’ll always need teachers. But the teachers of the future need to be up-to-date with the latest digital learning methods. With increasing affluence, parents will be willing to pay higher premiums for stronger learning programmes.

3. Social services

This is a rewarding career where the human touch is essential. While the world becomes increasingly digital, there’s also the need to protect the more vulnerable from becoming victims of cyberbullying, abuse, fraud and crime.

4. Technological engineering

Tech-related career options will be on the rise. Any form of automation or robotics requires engineers to develop and maintain the software. App developers and designers will be needed as more people move from their computers to mobile devices.

5. General managers

All organisations need people who get stuff done. If you’re a multi-tasker who is excellent at managing people, your future is safe and you’ll be able to move across firms and industries as they come up.

6. Finance

When making huge financial decisions and sealing the deal, a face-to-face conversation and human handshake always beats a few clicks on your computer.

7. Law enforcement

Got a young ‘un who’d love to be a policeman? This is one career that has longevity – though there’ll be an increasing need to tackle cybercrime.

8. Sales

No matter how automated an organisation gets, you’ll always need people to sell stuff. Being able to convince people to invest their resources in a particular business is a skill that’s applicable across a range of industries.

Did you know? Social media experts are in demand now, but in 20 years, all employees will be expected to possess these skills.

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