Whether it was by design or chance, check out these celeb families who produced kids many years apart.

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At a time when having children close in age has become the norm, some families buck the trend and have their kids quite a few years apart.

Putting having another baby on hold is sometimes planned because of financial or career choices. Other times, it could be because the couple has hit a road block when trying to conceive, decided to end their marriage or began a blended family.

Whatever the case, a generous age gap ― very often more than a decade ― between siblings is more common than you think. And there are plenty of advantages to it, like having an older child to help you babysit the young ones!

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Bruce Willis

Kids… Evelyn Penn, 3, Mabel Ray, 5, Tallulah Belle, 23, Scout LaRue, 26, and Rumer, 29
During their 13-year marriage, actor Bruce Willis, 62, and ex-wife Demi Moore, 55, had three daughters, Rumer, Scout and Tallulah ― all born approximately three years apart each. Following an amicable divorce, the pair remained close but went on to remarry. Moore, as we all know, had another failed union with fellow actor Ashton Kutcher, who’s 16 years her junior. Willis on the other hand, seems to have found love again with English model and actress Emma Heming, 39, whom he married in 2009. The Die Hard actor and went on to have two more daughters with his new wife, which makes the age gap between his eldest, Rumer, and youngest, Evelyn, a whopping 26 years.  (Photo: Pinterest and US Hello magazine)

Celine Dion and Rene-Charles

Kids… Twins Eddy and Nelson, 7, and Rene-Charles, 16
Canadian songstress Celine Dion, 49, has always been upfront about her battle with infertility. Married to her manager René Angélil, for 22 years, until his passing in 2016 (mere days before his 74th birthday), Dion underwent several failed IVF attempts before conceiving her first son Rene-Charles in 2001. However, it took another nine years and six more rounds of IVF before Dion was able to conceive again. It was worth the wait though, as this time, she found out she was carrying twin boys! Since Angélil’s death, Dion has voiced her concerns that Rene-Charles might feel obligated to step up to the plate and be the man of the house, especially when you factor in the big age gap between him and his brothers. “I'm very proud of my 16-year-old [René-Charles] and I said to him, ‘I never want you to feel the pressure of being the man of the house,’” Dion once said in an interview. “‘You have your own dreams and your father is not here but he is in your heart, he's always going to be supporting you [but] in a different way.’” (Photo: www.people.com)

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham

Kids… Harper Seven, 6, Cruz, 12, Romeo, 15 and Brooklyn, 18
Seems like fourth time was the charm for football legend David Beckham, 42, and his fashionista wife Victoria Beckham, 43. After popping out three genetically-gifted boys back to back, the power couple waited a good six years before trying to have a girl ― and they succeeded. With those stunning features, you can bet boys will be beating down the doors of Beckingham Palace when the time comes, fighting for a chance to win Harper Seven’s heart. But be warned, fellas, you’ll need to first get a nod from her big bros ― and daddy ― first! (Photo: Victoria Beckham Instagram)

Gurmit Singh and Melissa Wong

Kids… Mikaela, 4, Elliot, 15, and Gabrielle, 19
Children are a gift, but they can also be a wake-up call as it was in local comedian Gurmit Singh’s case. Admitting that he was an absentee father to his two older kids, Gabrielle and Elliot, because he worked long hours, weekends and even public holidays to provide a comfortable life for his family. However, Singapore’s beloved funnyman decided to give up fame and fortune when his third child, Mikaela, came along, 15 years after he started a family. “I decided this is my third chance at getting this right, since I blew the first two,” Gurmit, 52, said in an interview with SmartParents. He had to trade his much-loved Lamborghini in order to do so, but Gurmit has no regrets. These days, he enjoys living a simpler, but richer life to make up for all that lost time with his family. (Photo: Gurmit Singh)

Kelly Preston and John Travolta

Kids… Benjamin, 7, Ella Bleu, 17, Jett (deceased), 16
After the sudden passing of their eldest son Jett in 2009, Hollywood A-listers John Travolta, 63, and wife Kelly Preston, 55, found healing by having another baby. Young Ben, who was born almost two years after his brother’s death, helped to reinforce Travolta and Preston’s love for each other amidst the unimaginable tragedy.  “Certainly, having little Ben has been a beautiful kind of glue for us to re-bond after tremendous loss,” an emotional Travolta once said in an interview. Their daughter Ella Bleu was 10 years old when little Ben arriveds. (Photo: NY Daily News)

Jennifer Connelly & Paul Bettany

Kids… Agnes, 6, Stellan, 14, Kai, 21
An only child herself, actress Jennifer Connelly, 47, probably dreamt of having a big family one day. Today, the mum-of-three couldn’t be happier and more fulfilled, but she is done having kids. “I knew that we were going to be done after number three,” she said once in an interview. “That's enough for us.” Her eldest Kai, was conceived from a previous relationship with photographer John Dugan. Her second son Stellan and sister Agnes ― who are eight years apart ― were conceived with current husband and director Paul Bettany, 46. (Photo: www3.pictures.zimbio.com)


Meg Ryan

Kids… Daisy, 13, and Jack, 25
Jack Quaid, 25, the only child of rom-com queen Meg Ryan, 56, and actor Dennis Quaid, 63, was only 8 when his power couple parents went through a bitter, and very public divorce in 2001. However, that’s all water under the bridge now as both Ryan and Quaid have found a new purpose in their lives. As part of her effort to move on, Ryan, adopted Daisy, then a 14-month-old baby girl, from China. “She is the daughter I should have,” said Ryan in an interview. “Daisy and Jack get along great. All of us fit together beautifully,” the proud mom says of her kids, who may be 12 years apart, but are as thick as thieves. (Photo: Daily Mail)

Nicole Kidman

Kids… Faith Margaret, 7, Sunday Rose, 9, Connor, 22, Isabella, 25
She may have several awards under her belt, including an Academy, but being mum to her four kids trumps everything, says Australian actress Nicole Kidman. In fact, as she rang in her 50th birthday last year, Kidman openly shared her desire to have another child. “In everything that has happened in my life, being a mother has been the overriding thing that has changed everything and made it better,” she said in an interview. Kidman adopted her older two kids Isabella and Connor while still married to fellow actor Tom Cruise, 55, after multiple failed attempts at trying to conceive and suffering several miscarriages. It was only after her second, and current marriage to Australian crooner Keith Urban, 50, that Kidman successfully conceived and carried to term, her first biological child, Sunday Rose. In 2010, the couple, now married for 11 years, welcomed their second daughter via a surrogate. (Photos: www.usmagazine.com)