Lim Jae-Lynn went to Lake Mountain in Melbourne, Australia, in July for their first winter vacation with their eldest son. Though they had bought plenty of thick, warm clothing, she made a few more discoveries to share with us…

MUM SAYS Our first winter holiday
MUM SAYS Our first winter holiday

Pack kids’ sunglasses

The first thing that got to us as we left the airport was how bright the whole place was — the snow was so white! My husband and I were prepared with our cool sunglasses, only to realise that we left my son’s shades at home! Although I gave him my sunglasses to be protected from the UV rays it would had been better if I’d brought his along.


Bring carrot, broccoli and scarf…

Thanks to Olaf from Frozen, all kids now know that snowmen have carrots for noses. We used broccoli for the snowman’s eyes and gave the snowman a scarf for added realism. Thanks to my cousin for reminding us to bring these vegetables and props to bring the snowman to life.


Be aware of the long (long) and winding road

Mountain roads are usually long and winding, so be prepared for motion sickness (and possibly altitude sickness too). My son suffered his first bout of motion sickness as we were reaching the summit! Luckily I had a plastic bag in the car. My advice: Let your child eat a lighter meal before the car journey (you can eat again once you reach your destination) and pack more than one plastic bag in the car. WAY more than one.


Lim Jae-Lynn, mum to Kiern Chin, 5.