A handy checklist of birth essentials to get you started.

What to pack in your hospital bag

As your due date approaches, it’s important to tie up loose ends and gather all the essentials you’ll need during and after delivery. That includes getting your hospital bag ready by the time you are about 36 weeks pregnant. Don’t leave it until the last minute to pack because this is the last thing you’ll want to worry about when labour kicks in.

Here’s a guide on all the essentials you need to pack:

1. Slippers or comfy flip-flops.

2. Bendy straws, so that you can drink without moving out of your favourite labour position.

3. Moisturiser and lip balm, to keep skin and lips hydrated, since you’ll be staying in a fully air-conditioned environment for two to three days before you’re discharged.

4. Maternity napkins.

5. Nursing bras and breast pads, for when your milk comes in.

6. Socks, to keep your feet warm.

7. Toiletries — toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, shampoo, moisturiser, and makeup (for the baby photos).

8. Camera, music player and phone, plus chargers.

9. Relaxation materials such as your favourite music, book and magazines.

10. Going-home clothes for you and baby. Make sure it’s something you can get into as you can’t expect to fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes immediately. Include a blanket and booties for baby.

11. Plastic bags, for dirty laundry.

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