Head to these brick-and-mortar stores for a more hands-on shopping experience

If you prefer in-store over online organic shopping…

1. Sunny Choice

Contact The Rail Mall, 434 Upper Bukit Timah Road, 6892-2383
Opening Hours 10am to 9pm daily, except Tuesday.
What Besides organic groceries, you can grab a bite at their café, which serves healthier versions of local delights.

We like The Hardbite range of kettle-cooked chips, available in finger-licking flavours like wild onion and yoghurt, that make great party snacks. For an alternative to cow’s milk, try EcoMil Quinoa milk, or add oomph to your breakfast with Melrose’s range of nut spreads, like walnut and cashew.

Good to get The in-house café serves healthful local fare. Try the popular thunder tea rice set or laksa — the gravy is made from almond milk. Or chow down on the peanut-free tahu goring, featuring a sauce that’s made with pumpkin.

2. Eat Organic

Contact 619H Bukit Timah Road, 6219-7156.
Opening Hours 10am to 7pm (Mondays to Saturdays) and 11am to 4pm (Sundays and public holidays).
What If you’re willing to rummage through the goodies in this charming shophouse store, you can score a lot of great finds like Ecotools’ bamboo fibre makeup brushes and Dr Hauschka cosmetics.

We like Amy’s gluten-free frozen wraps — such as aloo mutter, which is stuffed with organic potatoes, tofu and chick peas — for a healthy bite. If bubba has sensitive skin, get Earth’s Best chlorine-free diapers.

Good to get Gift wrap and mini-cards made from recycled paper. We also like the O’Bonanza colour pencils, made from newsprint and great for teaching your peewee about being environmentally responsible.

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