The kids are in bed, but you’re still buzzing. Zone out with these tips.

3 ways to relax once the kids are asleep

Stress is part and parcel of being a parent, especially if you are a working parent. Hence, making it a point to unwind after a long day can help you get a grip on your stress and avoid parental burnout. Life coach Rebekah Fensome suggests some simple daily activities you can do after the kids have gone to bed…

1. Step outside

Whether it’s a walk round the block while your husband has the baby, or five minutes watching the sun go down in the garden, it will put space between your “mum life” and the other you. It will also give you perspective and help to clear your head (while being a fab excuse to put off doing the washing-up.)

2. Limit the vino

A nice glass of chardonnay is fine, but remember alcohol won’t always help you unwind. It’s a depressant, so the positive glow you feel after you complete your tasks can actually be reduced if you drink too much. Stick to the recommended limits.

3. Listen to music

Any song that soothes or lifts your mood will help you relax. Listening to music is better than sinking into the sofa and turning on the TV. Screens emit a blue light that stimulates your brain — this is why you’re advised to avoid screen time for at least an hour before bed.

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