Going away for the hols? If you’re passing through the new Terminal 4 at Changi Airport, you’re not going to want to miss these features!


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Aahhh, who doesn’t love travelling with kids ― you’re not only in a rush, you have a million things on your mind. From checking that everyone has their passports and boarding passes, to making sure your sweetie hasn’t left his fave plush at home, you barely make it to the check-in counter in time.


Now, you’ll have more incentive to arrive early at Changi Airport with the kids, thanks to the exciting features at its newest terminal, T4. So, plan a leisurely check-in, then get set to enjoy some family-friendly fun before you board your flight.


As this terminal serves popular airlines like Cathay Pacific Airways, Korean Air and AirAsia, you have a good chance of making a pit stop at the transit area during the school holiday.


SmartParents checked out T4 to see what’s in store for families, so scroll through the photo gallery for all the details!


Main photo: Changi Airport Group

Catch an immersive video

You probably know by now that travellers self-check-in at this new terminal, as well as go through immigration at a centralised security screening area, so everything is completed before you enter the transit area. While you wait in line to clear security at a full-body scanning machine, look upwards at a 70m by 5m immersive wall that is running a special 50-minute long video that comprises 17 short clips. You’ll not only admire the Singapore skyline, you’ll also watch a whimsical animated clip of what happens with check-in baggage. Your kiddos will be enthralled by the videos, which will make your security screening experience that much smoother!

Dads can enjoy some tipple

And mums too, of course! The DFS Wines and Spirits store is one of the first things that will greet you in the transit areas. Step right into The Cocktail Bar, where bartenders will show you how to mix special cocktails like Coco Gnac (a tasty mix of cognac, pandan syrup, pineapple juice and coconut milk), as well as the Fluffy Pandan, a gin-based cocktail that contains the sweetness of coconut with a hint of citrus, topped with Pandan Cake foam. If you prefer craft beer, walk on to The Craft Collection, where you can enjoy free samplings ― of beers with locally-inspired names like Sibeh Ho, Tok Gong and Ki Siao ― on tap!

Pick up beauty products at The Shilla Duty Free shop

Makeup mavens will love the variety and competitive prices offered at this 1,375sq m Shilla store ― the largest one at Changi Airport. Explore four distinct zones, for cosmetics, skincare, fragrance, and a zone featuring artisanal, organic beauty brands. Enjoy the makeup samples, or even get a complimentary hand massage at Jo Malone, while checking out brands like Alexander McQueen perfumes and Diptyque. 

Watch a tea-brewing demonstration

The TWG Tea store at T4 is quite amazing! Get junior to guess the number of tea tins on its walls. The correct answer? 2,000! Then, let one of the Tea Connoisseurs expound on the history of tea to your little one, before ending with a tea brewing demonstration where you’ll sample a cuppa, either a fine harvest tea or an exclusive blend. 

Get your chocolate fix

The kiddos will surely make a beeline for the Cocoa Trees store at T4, which has a carnival concept. Whimsical hot air balloons in the “sky”, a ferris wheel feature and candy shelves that look like bumper cars all housed under a big top. Staff readily hand out chocolate samples, and you’ll want to go to the Hershey counter near the back to try your hand at an interactive digital game where you can toss Hershey Kisses into a “machine’s” holes. 

Fly a drone

Young ’uns (and the young at heart) who love gadgets will be eager to give this a whirl. Pop into electronics store electronics store E-Gadget, which has an enclosed Safe Flying Zone, to fly a drone!

Check out the cool chairs

One thing that will bring you back to earth and will remind you that you are in an airport, is the number of waiting areas and seats T4 has. Yet, this terminal is full of surprises because junior would love discovering all the unique spaces and sitting options here. Curl up in one that looks like a bright blue looping roller coaster, or opt to “ride” a litter of pups!  

Discover an old shophouse

Familiar traditional brands are given a nod at the Heritage zone, which houses well-loved shops like Eu Yan Sang, Bee Cheng Hiang and Bengawan Solo in old-style shophouses. Let your munchkins learn about the days of old as they watch a ‘live’ prata-making demonstration at Heavenly Wang, or get a glimpse of traditional medicinal cabinets and weighing scales at Eu Yan Sang. Feeling peckish? Settle into a booth seat at Curry Times, which has a yesteryear design. Kids will also enjoy slotting coins into the traditional kiddy rides ― yup they still work! ― or picking up traditional games like capteh

Watch a Peranakan love story

Two “shophouses” at the Heritage zone transforms into a 10m by 6m LED screen every hour to screen a six-minute cultural mini-theatre show called Peranakan Love Story. The story, about two love birds who happen to be neighbours, ends with a grand, traditional Peranakan wedding. The show, which features a Singaporean cast that includes Adrian Pang, Amy Cheng and Koh Chieng Mun, was developed in collaboration with Fried Rice Paradise composer Dick Lee, and also feature his music.