Using a ring sling is a comfortable and natural way to carry bubba, plus it’s easy to take on and off. Here’s how!


Ring slings are an elegant way to hip-carry your little one – even newborns can be carried in them. Another plus point: it can be easily adjustable, so it can be shared with babywearers of different sizes.

To make sure your ring sling is safe and comfortable, wear it high and snug – you should be able to kiss your baby’s head. If you are carrying a newborn he’s head, mouth and nose must be visible at all times. The most comfy and ergonomic position is when junior’s legs are wrapped around you and his knees are higher than his bum when seated.

The fabric of the ring sling should be spread out and centred over your shoulder and back, so that there’s no added strain on your neck, back and shoulder. Around the ring, the fabric should also be spread out so you can tighten and loosen it easily.

Ready to give it go? Check out our video on how to wear a ring sling, in part two of our three-part Babywearing video series.

How to use your ring sling:

  • Place the ring on your shoulder with one hand. Spread the fabric across your back and hold the tail end of the sling with the other hand. Avoid any twists.
  • Gather the fabric, and slide it through both rings on your shoulder.
  • Make sure the length of the sling is suitable for your size. The lowest part of the sling’s pouch should be close to the level of your belly button.
  • Spread the two rings, then take the tail and pass it over the top ring and through the bottom ring.
  • Spread the fabric across the rings. Ensure that the fabric is not twisted and as flat as possible.
  • Lift up and hold your baby against your free shoulder. While supporting her weight, slide her into the pouch of the sling. The bottom fabric should rest near your baby’s knees.
  • Use one hand to support your baby, and the other hand to lift the fabric panel up behind her back.
  • Still supporting your baby, reach between your baby’s body and your own to pull up the bottom edge of the fabric, towards her belly button. This ensures she’s in a deep-seated position.
  • Tighten the top of the ring sling by pulling on the tail of the sling.



1. Place the rings on your shoulder with one hand, and hold the tail end of the sling with your other. Ensure that the fabric is spread smoothly across your back.

2. Slide the fabric through both rings on your shoulder.

3. Spread the two rings.

4. Take the tail and bring it over the top ring, then under the bottom ring.

5. Prepare the pocket of your sling, then lift your child up towards you and let her feet slide into the sling.

6. Slide your baby into the sling and pull up the panel of fabric along her back. Your baby’s legs should be in the spread-squat position.

7. Reach between your baby’s body and your own to pull up the bottom edge of the fabric to ensure that she’s deep in her seat.

8. Tighten the sling by pulling on the tail of the fabric.

9. You may want to roll a small towel into the top edge of the sling under your baby’s neck to help support her if she falls asleep.

Models: Nurafitah Mohamed, 33, and Nur Kaz Elisha Binte Muhammad Kazry, 14 mths (video), and, Nur Saira Bte Muhamad Effandi, 18mths (stills)

Videography: Lim Jae-Lynn & Paulyn Ng

Special thanks to Babywearing Hub Singapore. Check out our Baby wearing: How to use a toddler carrier video here!

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