10 easy ways that make a big impact in saving the world.

How to be an eco-friendly mum

Here at smartparents.sg, we support the United Nations Global Goals. It’s rallying people like you to do your bit, big or small, daily or on special occasions, to tackle some of the most pressing issues our world faces: Climate change, poverty, hunger, education and responsible consumption.

Esther Tan, the Singapore Environmental Council’s (SEC) corporate communications manager and a young mother herself, reckons that more and more Singaporeans today are going green because of better education. Plus, we travel widely and learned from other countries to take an active interest in environmental issues.

SmartParents asked Tan and two more mums about what they do to guide their kids in saving the world…

Delphinia Tam-Lower, mum to Katie, 5.

  • Plants herbs and veggies such as basil, chillies, potatoes and aloe vera to use at the dinner table.
  • Recycles materials, like used toilet rolls for craft projects.
  • Looks out for natural treatments in skincare.
  • Eats vegetarian and supports local organic farms such as Green Circle Eco-Farm .

Vanessa de Jager, mum to Sonia, 3, and Smitha, 5.

  • Brings her own bags to the supermarket and heads down to the recycling bin regularly with sorted waste plastic, glass and paper products.
  • Uses baking soda as a cleaning agent, instead of buying commercial detergents.
  • Buys products that haven’t been tested on animals.

Esther Tan, mum to Elizabeth, 19 months.

  • Turns the air-con off the moment she wakes up which can save electricity. Also, closes the door when the air-con is on.
  • Refrains from buying bottled mineral water and carries her own water bottle.
  • Makes a list before shopping to avoid making unnecessary purchases.

Photo: INGimage

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