Back at work after having a baby? If you feel overwhelmed, repeat these phrases after us…

Don’t trivialise those emotions that will overwhelm you when step back into the office. If you are feeling swamped, keep reciting these statements to yourself…

1. “I am not alone!”

You are anxious about returning to work — this is normal! Chat with colleagues to refamiliarise yourself with work and for an update on what the office has been up to. You’ll be easing right back in no time.

2. “Baby’s in good hands”

You’ve done your research and chosen the best caregiver you can find, now stay focused at work. The more focused you are, the quicker you can return home to your loved ones!

3. “Breathe, now!”

Work, motherhood and guilt all go hand in hand. During trying moments, stop and take several deep breaths.

4. “I can handle anything!”

Remember, you got through childbirth and the difficult early months of motherhood — you can handle anything! If something truly isn’t working for you or your family — whether it’s your work schedule or childcare arrangement — then change it.

5. “Baby steps”

Cut yourself some slack. You’ve just had a baby and are now back at work — these are really big achievements, so you don’t need to excel at anything else right now.

6. “Om…

When you’re stressed, sad or angry, or when things get a little out of control, meditate to keep calm.

7. “Help!!!”

Shout for help when you need it. Don’t be a martyr and try doing everything alone ¾ this will only push you over the edge of exhaustion and frustration.

8. “I look good, I feel great!”

Plan a reward that will help you get through the first week at work. Maybe it’s that new dress or a stylish haircut. Looking good when you return to work can give you a great confidence boost.

9. “Hot date tonight”

Miss couple time? Schedule a date night after work or spend some quiet time with your husband. That should lift your mood for the day.

10. “Everything I do, I do it for you!”

Stay motivated and keep reminding yourself that everything you do, you are doing it for baby!

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