Ease the hassle of travelling: We have a list of different kid-friendly activities airports have to offer…

The most child-friendly airports in the world

With the holidays around the corner, you might be planning to go on a trip with the whole family. We do know that especially the waiting time can get quite draining, especially if you’re travelling with junior!

Here are some child-friendly airports around the world that will definitely keep junior so occupied that waiting won’t seem like a chore. If you’re planning to go to these countries, don’t forget to check out the facilities available for junior.

Changi Airport, Singapore

One of the best family-friendly airports in the world, Changi Airport is a treasure trove of great activities to entertain junior, with facilities like the Entertainment Deck (Terminal 2), The Slide @ T3 (Terminal 3) and Children’s Playground (Terminal 1). It doesn’t matter which terminal you’re in, you will find something to do.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur International Airport

This is not just close to home, it features a play area that not only contain slides, but games and even karts! You can find it on Level 5 of the Main Terminal Building, “Airside”…

Manila, Philippines: Ninoy Aquino International Airport

This one houses a “Kiddie Traveller’s Lounge” where junior can keep himself occupied with the different activities available. These activities include, play house, slide, building blocks, children’s books, creativity tables and a TV. The best part is, you don’t have to pay for junior to use the lounge.

Hong Kong: Hong Kong International Airport

This houses two different play areas and an IMAX theatre as well. Junior can choose between the Children’s TV lounge or the “Dream Come True Education Park”, where they will be able to use the costumes that comes together with the park. Or if you prefer a relatively quiet activity, treat junior and yourself to an IMAX movie.

Taipei, Taiwan: Taoyuan International Airport

This has a few themed gates that will excite your little one. There’s the ever-popular Hello Kitty and other themes such as Pili Puppet Show and Journey to the West, junior will be amazed and entertained at each gate’s small play areas for junior. Or, junior and you could go for a last minute shopping trip at the stores located nearby.

Tokyo, Japan: Narita International Airport

There’s a few designated areas at Narita that junior will love in both terminals. These play areas each have a different theme and are also equipped with different obstacles and toys. Junior will definitely have a fun time!

Seoul, South Korea: Incheon International Airport

This doesn’t just have play areas, it has an ice rink and theatre! Junior could also choose to spend time at the different themed cafes, like the Hello Kitty café and Charlie Brown café. You might not be able to prise them out of there…

Perth, Australia: Perth Airport

The airport is family-friendly with facilities such as changing/feeding rooms and play areas for junior. It also has an observation deck from which he can watch planes. He can also keep himself occupied at the different food shops that serve “popular” foods like pizza, hot chips and fried chicken (Red Rooster).

Adelaide, Australia: Adelaide Airport

While Adelaide’s airport contains the basics — changing/feeding rooms and play areas for junior — it also has a children’s shop where you can purchase games and/or entertainment packs for junior. It also offers free Wi-Fi and internet kiosks for older kids.

Auckland, New Zealand: Auckland Airport

Not only does it have play areas like a Lego activity centre, Funstation, Sega Rally and many more, it also has “Treasure Island” — an adventure-golf course that is a 10-minute stroll from the airport. Or head over to Butterfly Creek (another 10- to 15-minute walk from the airport).

San Francisco, USA: San Francisco International Airport

This has an entire lane for families through security! That’s not all, the airport also has Kids’ Spot, an interactive exhibit for kids, and three aquariums for junior to watch the marine life. Older kids can also be kept occupied by renting movies and players during your time at the airport or even for the entire duration of your vacation.

Calgary, Canada: Calgary International Airport

This has an amazing play area for junior: Called the SpacePort, it gives junior (and you) a chance to experience outer space with the various exhibits and displays — which even includes a moon rock from NASA!

Main Photo: Changi Airport

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