We got cosy with six mummy bloggers who are celebrating this Mother’s day with a brand new baby!


Through the countless sleepless nights, never-ending milk feeds and diaper changes, many new mums turn to the Internet for help, comfort and support, or just the knowledge that someone, somewhere, is going through the same thing.

Enter mummy bloggers. These mums document their own birth stories, ups and downs and survival tips on their online journals. They share a small part of their lives with other mums who might be able to relate in some way or other.
So, this Mother’s Day, we’re chatting with five mummy bloggers who will be celebrating their special day with their SG50 baby.

Summer Goh, 33, is a stay-at-home mum to Asher, 4 months, Ariel, 3, and Angel, 6. She blogs at www.ahappymum.com


Despite having no helper, Summer is still able to find the time to blog as it gives her joy and a sense of satisfaction. She blogs about DIY crafts, her experiences as a mum and “all things happy!” she grins.

“My kids are my best motivation — I can't even start to describe how precious their growing-up years are. There are so many things that I wish to remember and so many stories that I want to tell them when they are older,” says Summer.

As a mum to three, the most challenging thing about motherhood is having to divide time between her children. She thinks of motherhood like a roller-coaster ride – “Whether you see it as a fun-filled, rewarding and thrilling journey, or a scary, back-breaking and arduous one, it's all up to you,” she ponders.

While there are challenges, there are also bound to be rewards. Summer loves that her children make her feel like the most important person in the world by showering her with love, hugs and kisses every day and when she gets to witness their every milestone.

Instead of gifts or grandeur this Mother’s Day, she hopes for a happy and healthy family, and perhaps a meal with her children, parents and in-laws.

“To make my kids respect, cherish and love their mum, I must first do so myself and show my heartfelt gratitude to the people who brought us into this world,” she smiles.

Vivien Yap, 34, a senior events executive, is mum to Axl Sim, 1. She blogs at www.runwaymummy.com

Vivien started her blog when she realised that she did not want to lose any of Axl’s milestone memories. In fact, she often thinks about how it’d be like for him to read his own milestones and memories.

“I think it'll be the sweetest thing for him to read about all the love and joy he's brought into our lives through my eyes!” she beams.

Besides writing about Axl, and her motherhood experiences, she also writes about her other interests, like fashion, beauty, and travel. Despite having a full-time job, she tries to blog every night – “It’s not easy, I’m not going to lie. It requires a lot of discipline, too, but I find it therapeutic being able to upload my thoughts to the blog. “It has become the little ‘me-time’ that I look forward to every night!”

Vivien adds that she enjoys seeing the world through little Axl’s eyes, “being able to appreciate and enjoy and appreciate the simple things in life with his childlike wonder”.

Her wish this Mother’s Day is to have the grace and wisdom to raise a healthy and happy child. “With this newfound respect I have for mothers, Mother's Day is really a time and opportunity for me to express my appreciation for all the mothers in my life.”

Justina Tey, 35, is a stay-at-home mum to four kids, aged 2 to 7, and the newest, baby J, 3 months old. She blogs at www.makingmum.blogspot.sg

Justina first started blogging when she had her first son, so that she could keep track of his growing up years. These days, her blog is peppered with posts about her parenting journey, her homeschooling experiences (yes she homeschools all her kids!) and various crafting activities.

Besides serving its purpose as a record, Justina’s blog also allows her overseas family members to be kept in the loop. Her motivation to blog? When her readers share how encouraging her posts are. “I also see blogging as a way to unwind,” she says.

As a mum to four children, you would think that the most challenging thing about motherhood is to manage her time, or simply try to keep up with all her kids. But it’s not so, she says.

“The most challenging thing,” she says, “is having your heart walking around outside your body. You hurt, when you see your children hurt. You worry about their safety and their futures, and sometimes it is scary not knowing how they will be when they grow up.”

This never stops Justina from enjoying the simple joys of motherhood like being able to snuggle up with her kids, being their cheerleader and witnessing them achieve their milestones.

“A mother's job doesn't stop, so Mother's Day isn't really a day of rest,” she notes. “But it’s definitely is a day to enjoy those extra cuddles and kisses!”

Dr Donna Chow, an aesthetic doctor, is a first-time mum to Kandon, 1. Her blog is at www.drdonnachow.com


April was certainly a busy month for Donna — her son, Kandon just celebrated his first birthday, alongside Daddy, whose birthday happens to fall on the same day.

Indeed, you can find all the details of her party at her blog, which she uses as a platform to share about her journey as a mum, as well as her handicraft projects. She gets her inspiration from “everyday things”, she says. “Sometimes, I’d get an idea online, then develop my own concept or way of doing it – My list of things to do never ends!”

While time is tight, Donna tries to keep up with blogging on her smartphone, as it’s “almost instantaneous”, and says she’d love to continue blogging for as long as her current schedule permits.

One thing she wishes for though, is to be able to have more date nights with the hub. But it’s all good, as that time is spent with Kandon instead and she’s enjoying every moment of it!

Her wish this Mother’s Day is simple – Good health for her family. But she’s quick to add that she’s got next year’s wish planned out already: “I wish to see my boy giving me a big hug and kiss, telling me, ‘Mummy, I love you!’”

Dee Loh, 39, is a work-at-home mum to Daniel, 1, and Dot, 6. She blogs at www.prunenurture.com

Like most other mums, Dee started her blog to record the milestones of her first child, and now with her second. “It’s a decision to record these precious memories for keeps,” she shares.

Without a doubt, her blog is centred around her children. “Whenever there’s some key lessons that I’ve learnt as a parent, I will blog about them. I’m also motivated to blog when I receive positive feedback that my blog helps or inspires others to be better parents,” says Dee.

She likens her parenting journey to being a gardener: “Having to work the ground from the morn till night, so that the seeds (my children) can have the right environment to grow up strong and healthy,” she explains.

The best part about her role as mum? Learning to slow down and enjoy time with her them, “especially the playful snuggles and kisses,” she beams.

She adds with a smile, “As Mother Teresa said, ‘Love begins at home’. I hope my heart will continually be filled with love so that I can be the best mother for my children.”

Katty Tan, 27, a marketing executive, is mum to Carissa, 9 months. Read her blog at www.kattytan.com

Journaling was always something that Katty loved to do, even during the pre-Internet days. She laughs, “Even when I was a teen, I always had a diary to pen my thoughts every day.”

The habit simply carried over to today, where she blogs at her website, jotting down whatever went on in her life. In particular, you’ll find posts about lifestyle, travel, beauty, and of course, parenting.

In one of her latests posts, she talks about how life has changed since she became a mum – including having to shower in 5 minutes, eat with one hand, and becoming a light sleeper – something we’re sure lots of new mums relate to.

Laughs Katty, “It’s challenging, but I still secretly enjoy being a mum!” She especially adores getting to witness all her firsts, like “her first flip, her first smile and her first chuckles – it’s just so worth it”.

Finding time to blog is getting increasingly more difficult, Katty admits. But she still tries to get a post or two in whenever her little darling is asleep. She’s especially determined to blog when she receives e-mails from her readers and even friends that she’s made through her blog.

This being her first Mother’s Day, she wants to thank her own mum as she realises how difficult motherhood is. “I finally understand that being a mum brings both hardship and joy. I’ve learnt to appreciate my own mum not just on Mother’s Day but every single day.”

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