You know you will need help with your new baby, but what kind of help? Take our quiz to get some idea…

Quiz: Childcare centres, maids or grandparents?

1. Which statement best reflects your working routine?
A I often work long hours.
B I occasionally have to work late.
C My hours are regular.
D I always work irregular hours.

2. Which statement best reflects your child’s temperament?
A Quite shy, but friendly once he warms up to someone.
B Generally friendly.
C Outgoing and confident.
D Nervous, shy and suspicious of strangers.

3. Which statement best describes your degree of trust towards a potential childcare giver?
A I am willing to trust someone if she has proven herself to me.
B I am willing to trust someone if I know she has the necessary expertise and experience.
C I trust only professional, reputable and certified childcare providers.
D I trust only someone in my family to look after my child.

4. At the playground, your child will…
A Sit in the corner and play by himself, occasionally glancing at the other kids.
B Smile at the other kids and approach them shyly.
C Immediately head for the swings and slides, and play hide-and-seek with the other kids.
D Hold on tight to your hand and insist that you follow him around the playground.

5. Which childcare environment are you most inclined towards?
A More personalised care, but less chance for social interaction and stimulating activities.
B Personalised and experienced care, but limited social interaction.
C Lots of social interaction and stimulating activities, but comes at a higher cost and with a higher risk of falling sick.
D More personalised care, inexpensive, but hardly any chance for social interaction and stimulating activities.

If your answers are mostly

As: Domestic helper
See our article: Domestic helpers yes or no?

Bs: Babysitter/Nanny
Some women work from home as babysitters, usually caring for several children at a time. Check out parenting forums, or speak to neighbours to get recommendations in your neighbourhood.

A nanny is someone who comes to your house to look after your child. You can go through agencies such as A-Team Amahs & Cleaners.

Cs: Childcare centre
Infantcare centres take in babies from 2 to 18 months old. Find a centre near your workplace to ease drop-off and pick-up arrangements. Place older babies and children below 7 years in childcare centres, which provide half and full-day programmes. Check out Child Care Link , the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports’ one-stop portal for childcare information and services. Average monthly full-day fees are about $800, while half-day programmes cost about $550. Government subsidies are available, so go online here.

Ds: Relatives/Grandparents
You lucky thing! Now all you have to do is ensure that you and your husband settle with your assorted parents how you want your child brought up.

There’s also option E: Be a stay-at-home mum
If you can afford to or are willing to sacrifice the extra income, this can be rewarding for the whole family.