Emojis help you express your feelings, so what does the one you always use say about you?


Since many people prefer text messages to communicate these days, many look to emojis ― small digital images or icons to express an idea or emotion ― to convey their feelings. Rightly so, too, since these images are a nifty way to cut to the chase, especially given everybody’s short attention spans.

Once used only by smartphone-obsessed young techies, everyone has since jumped on the emoji bandwagon. In fact, an emoji — it’s the one with the tears of joy ― was the Oxford Dictionaries’ word of the year in 2015!

So, it’s time to reveal what the (mostly) adorable icons that you use daily say about you. Open your favourite smartphone messaging app and look at the emoji keyboard. The first emoji you see is a …



You aren’t one to shy away from expressing your affection for other people. You believe that there’s always enough love to go around. Your Pinterest board is always chock-a-block with inspiring phrases and your idea of a vacation is to lose yourself in a romance novel. Sure enough, nothing can keep you down for long!



You are suffering from a serious case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Overworked and underpaid best describes your life at this moment. You’ve just missed an unbelievable sale, a potentially life-changing concert and that taxi/MRT/bus you’ve been waiting for while busy reading this story. All you really need right now is comfort food, pronto!



Grouchy, angry and likely to blow your stack at any moment, you can DEFINITELY use a holiday. You’ve been on the receiving end of comments like “Just chill” more times that you care to remember, while your friends know better than that to ask you to dab.



Cheeky and playful, you always have a mischievous thought on your mind and aren’t afraid to air them. Your friends love that about you but do occasionally feel a little disdainful of your lack of a filter. No joke is too raunchy, lame nor politically incorrect to share with your pals.



You have way too many friends who use the smirking face emoji but still can’t find it in you to make them stop making inappropriate jokes. Partly because you find their wacky sense of humour pretty appealing, on some level! However, you are also cautious about the way you express yourself and prefer to portray indifference for fear of offending others.



You are out to have a good time and would do everything in your power to make sure others have as much fun as you. You always have a joke up your sleeve so that any get-together is a blast. Although you are unlikely to offend with your words, your friends also know that they shouldn’t take your words too seriously either.



Fashionably late at social occasions but always impeccably dressed. Your pals consider you to be the coolest kid on the block ― nor are you one to shy away from the camera. While people may not take well to your personality based on first impressions, they will grow to love you soon enough. No occasion is complete without your presence.



Your day revolves around food. Even when you aren’t eating, you are surfing the Net for cooking tutorials — just to satisfy your #foodporn cravings. Your Instagram account is a dieter’s worst nightmare and nothing disappoints you more than lousy food. Your dream invention will the ability to taste food just by licking your smartphone screen.



Time is always of the essence for you. You are always on top of matters and dislike it whenever you realise someone is pulling the wool over your eyes. And you aren’t afraid to show that you’re not having any of that BS!



Friends have advised you to lay off the Internet for a while because you have an insatiable appetite for click bait-type stories even though you know these features seldom deliver what the headlines promise. Worst thing? You can’t help sharing the story with others. Take deep breaths, the world isn’t as shocking as these headlines suggest!



The hopeless optimist, you always look at the bright side of life and are surrounded by a bunch of good-natured and awesome friends who ensure things remain that way. Belly-clutching and tear-inducing laughter is the order of the day, every day.



You love keeping things real and there’s little that moves you. Resolute in your thinking and way of life, your friends sometimes struggle to persuade you to do something new. Thanks to your strong sense of self, you know what you want and how to get it. So, go get ’em!



You aren’t afraid to share the deepest, and (quite literally) darkest parts of yourself. You are open and honest to a fault, though you never forget to show off your wicked sense of humour. And your friends love that about you.

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