Lovely Cantonese cuisine? Check. Kid-friendly features? Check. Wake your brood up for a delicious brunch at Mitzo Restaurant & Bar!


I wasn’t quite sure what to expect at this contemporary Cantonese restaurant — after all, its name didn’t quite sound Chinese — plus it was a “weekend brunch à la carte buffet”, with the option of adding on a free flow of artisanal cocktails (for $60++).


Still, we were welcomed into the cool-looking modern interior, and the kids were immediately drawn to a beautiful glowing tank filled with live jellyfish. Of course, this attraction was short-lived, as their attention was soon diverted to a spacious kids’ playroom just adjacent to the dining area (more on this below).

The menu isn’t large — all the items are displayed on a single sheet of paper. Each table gets a stack of these and you make your order by indicating the quantity of each dish you’d like. Choose from categories like roasts, dim sum and wok dishes.


First, spoil yourself by picking one serving of bamboo clam, “live” lobster and an abalone dish. These luxury dishes are dished up in different styles — we tried the bamboo clam with minced garlic in soya, which was delicious on its own or enjoy it with braised congee with scallops.


As a chili-crab fan, I loved the lobster version of our Singaporean fave that was served with a bun, while the little ones zoomed in on the baked lobster with creamy lemon sauce and cheese.


Dim sum here is served with a twist — you’ll try exquisite bites like the tangy black-pepper cod-fish dumpling, and small hands will make a grab for the custard moon bun, Mitzo’s rendition of the liu sha bao or creamy salted-egg-yolk custard in a charcoal bun.


Your phone cameras will be constantly used as special attention is paid here to the presentation of each dish — like the snail-shaped escargot cheese puff that oozes with flavourful melted cheese on every bite.


Make space for more traditional Chinese dishes too, like Chef Nicky Ng’s hearty double-boiled soup of the day, and tender stir-fried beef cubes in black pepper. Since the dishes we sampled were rich, we opted for the lighter cold desserts like the aloe vera with osmanthus, and the chilled mango cream with sago and pomelo topping.


All in all, this is a lovely place for large families to celebrate a special occasion — the fine ingredients and luxury items on the menu would impressed the older folks, while the kids will be happily entertained in the play area.

The Mitzo Weekend Brunch is available every Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday from 11.30am to 2.30pm. $68++ per adult, while kids under 6 dine free, and those between 6 and 12 will enjoy 50 per cent off the total price.

TOT-O-METER: You’ve got to give it to Mitzo for thinking of its little diners. A generous amount of space is given to the thoughtfully designed play area: A kid-friendly movie runs on a large screen, while the carpeted floor is strewn with toys for tiny guests. Those who prefer some hands-on activity would enjoy the colouring materials set up at the kiddy tables.



If your kids, like mine, always need a carbo fix, the caviar fried rice with crab stick, or the braised duck with pulled noodles should do the trick. They also quickly scarfed down the melt-in-your-mouth crispy pork belly served with a bun, as well as Mitzo’s special barbecued pork (char siu).


Finally, you won’t be able to keep their fingers away from the Hokkaido milk cheese tart — add a squeeze of lemon for extra zing!


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