Yes, you can with these three tactics.

Smart ways to juggle several chores at once

Going from mum mode to worker or friend is tough, says psychologist Gladeana McMahon, so grouping similar activities makes it easier to cope. For instance, sort the laundry, while helping your kids. She adds, “But try to leave work for a time when you can concentrate.”

Doing familiar activities

“Multitasking is successful when you are doing something like making the bed or unloading the dishwasher. Most of us can do these in our sleep, so we have enough brain space to interact with our baby or toddler at the same time,” explains time-management expert Allison Mitchell.

Get micro-tasking

“Trying to ring your mum, finish a report and cook a meal at the same time won’t work,” Mitchell says. “Try micro-tasking — by cutting your to-do list into small chunks and doing them one by one.”

Try de-stressing

Being under too much pressure reduces your capacity to remember. Try our tips for relaxing once bub is in bed...

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