Want to do a craft with junior, or bounce back quick after having baby? Get all the know-how, step-by-step demos, tips and tricks right here!

Make it: DIY origami animal bookmarks [Video]

Is your mini-me a voracious reader? Make these adorable DIY animal bookmarks with your bookworm ― not only simple, they’ll be super useful!

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Make It: Stylish jewellery dish [Video]

Here's a fun indoor activity ― gather the little ones because it’s time to turn foam paper into fun jewellery dishes!


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Make it: DIY “guitar”

Try this easy-peasy craft project to get your little one off his gadgets and spark an interest in him for music!

Tots- Make it DIY “guitar” [Video]-website

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How to: Make a Halloween-themed bowling game

Don’t let your old formula cans go to waste ― get inventive and repurpose these containers into an entertaining indoor game he’ll have hours of fun with.


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Make it: Fun DIY Halloween costumes

Why spend tons of money on an original Halloween costume when you can DIY one for your sweetie in a jiffy and have a load of fun at the same time?


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Make it: Watermelon coasters

Here’s an idea: Why not bond with your sweetie over this fun DIY craft project and save the surfaces of your home at the same time?


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Travel Packing How-to

Going on a holiday with your tot? Packing for the trip can be challenging ― just the milk, diapers, wipes, and snacks will fill up most of your suitcase. What’s worse? Arriving at your destination, only to realise that you’ve left out something vital!


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Make it: Dino-lid Mason Jars

So, you’ve got a clutch of perfectly good glass jars (from peanut butter, jam and pasta sauces) just sitting on your kitchen countertop. We show you how to put these to good use.


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How to Make a Kids' Bento

Got a picky eater on your hands? Instead of sticking to that plain old peanut butter and jelly sandwich, get several cupcake holders, add a dash of imagination and presto, you’ll have a kawaii bento lunchbox that your mini-muncher can’t wait to tuck into!


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Make it: Simple Tassel Necklace

Make your own fun and funky necklace using our step-by-step guide. Once you get the hang of it, you can add tassels to anything ― key rings, bookmarks, cushion corners, even as party-decoration accents.

Parents-make it-simple-tassel-necklace

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Make it: Cute, customised, memory card game

On the lookout for a fun activity you can do with junior during the weekend? Create your very own memory card game by making cards of different animals, vehicles, shapes or colours. Better still, use photos of your family to personalise the cards.


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