Your horrible back pain is caused by this!

Find out what’s causing your lower back to hurt like the dickens, plus learn ways to ease the pain.

Clara Gan, 34, struggles to get out of bed every morning, as her back seems to stiffen when she sleeps at night. “Sitting up is painful, so I have to do that really slowly. The pain lessens as I move around through the day, but the nagging pain is still there,” she says.

          Though she’s been coping with the discomfort for the past 8 years, the mum of two kids, aged 5 and 7, has learnt to live with it. “It could have been because I was active in sports when I was younger, or because I’m busy chasing my kids now,” she chuckles.

          Everyone suffers at least one episode of lower back pain in their lifetime, notes musculoskeletal physiotherapist Calvin Sim, with 80 per cent dealing with recurring lower back pain. More women also face this problem as compared to men. Referring to a study on the causes of disability that the Singapore health ministry conducted in 2010, Sim notes that lower back pain was listed as one of the top 20 causes of disability in women, but not for men.

          Besides poor posture, everyday deeds like wearing high heels and carrying heavy handbags can aggravate lower back issues. Sim adds, “In ladies, contributing factors include frequent bending down to lift or carrying objects wrongly.” New mums, too, often complain of this problem ― activities like babywearing (especially if not done in an ergonomic way), doing household chores, as well as carrying babies and toddlers, heavy strollers, diaper bags (even handbags) can exacerbate the pain.

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