Simple ways to make more time for your kids.

3 tactics to balance work and family

To set aside quality time for your child, you it's important to strike a balance between work and family.

Here are three simple and effective ways to let you get more involved with your child, according to Toh Hwee Tin, director of NTUC U Family, the voice of working families which promotes work-life balance:

Put family time first

1. Keep your weekends for family bonding instead of household chores. Remind yourself that it’s perfectly fine to let the clean up rules slide in exchange for special family time.

Spend quality time

2. Work from home without disrupting your family time by doing your work after the kids are off to bed.

Eat with your child

3. Make it a point to have breakfast every day with your child before she leaves for school. It’s a way of being present in her daily life. Even if it’s just a few minutes — it’s worth it.

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