Bedroom action getting boring? Then get down to “business” with our A to Z guide to spicier sex.

7 sizzling ways to spice up (post-baby) sex

Your once- electrifying bed-shaking escapades now feel like the same old, same old and, dare we say it, stale? As clinical sexologist Dr Martha Tara Lee puts it, “In a long-term monogamous relationship, sex can get boring very quickly, especially if it’s the same thing every time.” Try these tactics to take the ho-hum out of your hanky-panky.

Bring out your necklaces — long, short, and mid-length ones — and wear nothing but these. Kiss your man from head to toe, while your chains graze his skin — the most sensitive organ! It won’t just drive him crazy, he’ll be glad to show you just how much he likes it. Bonus points if you use them to tie him up.

Eroticising an everyday object, like licking a spoon or wearing a translucent scarf instead of your bra, is key to bondage. So, when your man comes home after work, blindfold him with his tie, walk him to the bedroom and have your way with him. Dr Lee says, “Tell him not to move or you’d stop touching.” Naughty!

Dominate him
Tell him exactly what to do and how to do it. For instance, tell him to unhook your bra with only his mouth. Then, order him to kiss your feet, your shin, move up to your thigh, then your…

Role play
Ask your significant other to elaborate on his fantasies and also share yours. Slip into the role when you’re ready ― this will be a bonding experience that leaves you both feeling closer than ever and more comfortable with one another.

Signature moves
Give names to your favourite sex moves/positions. Start with “the”, add an adjective associated with an emotion, like “glorious”, then finally finish with the name of an animal, such as “gazelle.” Announce, “It’s time for ‘The Glorious Gazelle’”!

A quickie can be just as fun and gratifying as a long drawn-out lovemaking session. Besides, it makes sex feel less of a chore and more of an adrenaline-charged activity. Shhh, come here… Bam! Back to Modern Family.

Novelty value
Sex is — and should be — about exploring: Your bodies, desires and preferences. Let go of your reservations and start with something small, like a massage, before moving on to bolder things, like sex toys.

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