If your baby is due soon, get the complete picture on the costs of delivering at different hospitals in Singapore.

​​​​​Raising a child in Singapore is one of the most fulfilling yet costly things you’ll ever do. Your expenditure, which starts from pregnancy and delivery, will include pretty much everything under the sun, from clothes and toys to education, until your child is a financially independent adult.

To start, prenatal visits, delivery and hospitalisation fees will easily add up to thousands of dollars. The costs will also vary, depending on your choice of hospital or whether you give birth by Caesarean section or naturally. Thus, to give you a head start we have compiled the figures for the amount different hospitals charge for natural deliveries and C-sections.

So, make sure to plan ahead as raising a child is a joyous journey. Scroll down to check out the figures ― to give you a clearer picture, we have summed up how much each hospital charges for both natural deliveries and C-sections.

Infographic: Rachel Lim


Note: All figures from the Ministry of Health’s webpage (Oct 2017).

Main photo: iStock

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