Top exercises to benefit baby bump and you!

These simple fitness routines make keeping fit a cinch for you...and baby.


When you’re pregnant, it might be hard for you to imagine finding the energy or motivation to exercise, especially if you have bad morning sickness or if your pregnancy is being hard on you.

          But you will not only be able to stay fit by exercising carefully, it will also help you have a shorter labour, keep your mood up and help you sleep better at night.

          “The right kind of exercise can genuinely prepare your body for childbirth and the hard work that is often required during a long labour,” says Donna O’Shea, personal trainer and mat Pilates instructor.

          By exercising you’re not just helping your little one have a smooth entry into the world but you’re also helping yourself as, with a fit and strong body, it will be easier for you to recover after giving birth.

         But before you begin to exercise, remember to get the go-ahead from your gynaecologist so that you know what your body is able to handle. You do not want to over-exert your body and end up putting yourself and your little one in danger! 

         Here are the four best (and simplest) ways for pregnant women to exercise according to fitness trainers Donna O’Shea and Gladys Leong.

If you haven’t been exercising before your pregnancy, or are afraid that exercise will harm your little bundle, then Pilates is perfect for you! This exercise is a low-impact exercise that is great for strengthening your core and pelvic floor. This will be especially helpful during labour and during post birth recovery.

         That’s not all. Pilates will also help to tone the body, improve your mobility as well as help with balance and good posture through your pregnancy journey. Where you can learn…
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Swimming is very beneficial for expecting mothers. Just like Pilates, it has a low impact on the body and being in water is really beneficial for the mum-to-be. The water helps in lifting the intensity of the weight off your knees, back, spine and joints. Not only that, the water is also good for blood circulation and provides a calming effect.

You can do this on your own whenever you visit the pool or join a class! Try:
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