Your little can’t resist anything that moves, so she’ll enjoy learning everything about the wheel deal!

KIDS READS Planes, trains, cars and travel
KIDS READS Planes, trains, cars and travel

Road Work Ahead

By Anastasia Suen & Jannie Ho

If your munchkin likes colours, she’ll love this book that tracks a boy’s drive to his grandma’s place for oatmeal cookies. While you read the book to her, you can point out the activities happening on each page, even as you identify the various vehicles, including a police car, truck, lorry, cement machines, fork lifts and even a scooter.

KIDS READS Planes, trains, cars and travel

Ambulance in Action

By Peter Bently & Martha Lightfoot

This animated read teaches your little one how ambulances and fire crews help people — from receiving the distress call to saving them. It also has important information on what other drivers should do on seeing an ambulance. Offers a close-up look at an ambulance’s various components, such as where the first-aid bag is stored, as well as the location of the ramps and stretcher. Includes details on different types of emergency vehicles.

KIDS READS Planes, trains, cars and travel

Watch Me Go! My Bike

By Victor Blaine

This book is a good start if you’re hoping to introduce cycling to your tot. It helps bubba understand what a bike is, how to ride one, plus has a brief history of this vehicle. By the time she’s done reading this book, she should feel more confident and prepared for her first ride. If she’s still not convinced, highlight the part that shows how training wheels work on bicycles!

KIDS READS Planes, trains, cars and travel

Skate Trick: A Robot and Rico Story

By Anastasia Suen & Mike Laughead

Rico has learnt several new skateboarding tricks and now Robot wants to learn them, too. Robot keeps falling off it, but he doesn’t give up. At his last try, he not only falls down, but also breaks the skateboard, to Rico’s horror! Is this the end of their skateboarding fun, or will Robot and Rico find a way to continue their daredevil adventures? Read on and find out!

KIDS READS Planes, trains, cars and travel

Trouble in the Tunnel

By Wilbert Awdry & Richard Courtney

Thomas the Tank Engine, who is on his way to the Mainland, goes onto a raft that’s attached to a boat. But Thomas drifts away after the chain that connects the raft and boat snaps. On reaching an island, he meets three trains that he doesn’t like. So, he decides to find his own way but gets hopelessly lost. Thankfully, Thomas meets the trains again, and they lead him to a dark and twisty tunnel, where they’re trapped after a rockfall. Find out how Thomas and the three trains escape from this mess.

KIDS READS Planes, trains, cars and travel

Big City Sights

By Anita Yasuda & Steve Harpster

Ty has planned his family outing — he’ll take pictures of the dinosaurs in the museum, visit Chinatown on a bike taxi, before jumping on the glass floor of the observation tower. To his disappointment, the museum is closed, it’s raining and the tower’s lift is out of order! However, Ty’s parents make exciting new outing plans for everyone. Don’t miss the glossary and questionnaire at the end of the book that asks, “Ty’s plans for the day keep changing. If this happened to you, how would you feel?”

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