Keep an eye on your little sweetie wherever you are, with these nifty baby monitors.

BUYER’S GUIDE 5 top baby video monitors

Withings Home Baby Monitor

PRICE: $360.05

FROM: Hachi Tech

WHAT: Don’t let the unassuming looks of the camera fool you into thinking this is just your average baby monitor. Besides offering two-way communication and both audio and visual recording, the camera also plays soothing music with customised light sequences that you can control from your phone. You may also program the monitor to send alerts to your phone once noise or motion has been detected. Plus, as long as you have a functional Internet connection, you’ll never lose sight of your mini-me.

PROS: The video camera comes with an in-built air quality sensor which will alert you when it senses the presence of any volatile organic compounds (VOC). 

CONS: If you’d like to keep your recordings for more than 30 days on the Cloud, a premium subscription priced at US$7.95/month applies.

Philips Avent Digital Video Baby Monitor (SCD 603/01)

PRICE: $399

FROM: Philips online storeMothercare and Toys’R’Us 

What: Philips’ Avent line of baby monitors are among the better-known on the market. This baby monitor comes in two components, the video camera set (which is on a wall mount) and a video monitor handset which boasts a 2.4 inch colour screen. The handset will be activated whenever the camera detects crying. However, it does not include a recording function. 

PROS: The camera comes with a backup battery function so you would never lose sight of bubba even in the event of a power failure at home.

CONS: The video camera does not offer wifi-support and has an effective range of up to 150m. It also does support two-way communication.

D-Link’s Day & Night Wi-Fi Baby Camera (DCS-700L)

PRICE: $89

FROM: Hachi Tech 

WHAT: Unlike the other monitors on the list, users will be able to control the sensitivity of the camera to detectable sounds and motions through a free compatible smartphone application – the mydlink Baby Camera Monitor App. The camera includes a speaker that allows for two-way communication. Also, there are five built-in lullabies that can soothe baby into a deep sleep if you’re can’t be there yourself. 

PROS: The low price point makes it the most affordable of the lot. We’re a little leery of the colour-coding (baby blue and pastel pink) — what if you have twins?

CONS: It does not include a recording function.

D-Link EyeOn Baby Monitor (DCS-825L)

PRICE: $139

FROM: Hachi Tech

WHAT: An updated version of the D-Link’s Day & Night Wi-Fi Baby Camera with more advanced features like the ability to automatically start video recording or take a snapshot when loud sounds or motion has been detected. Similarly, you can continue to keep a lookout on your little one just by logging in to the same free smartphone application – the mydlink Baby App. You may also access the photos or videos that are captured by the camera on the go! It also includes coloured accented rims around the lens.

PROS: It includes built-in temperature sensor, a light indicator that alerts you when the room gets too hot or cold.

CONS: The recording is only activated when motion or loud sounds are detected.

Tommee Tippee Digital Baby Monitor with Sensor Pad

PRICE: $279

FROM: Mothercare 

WHAT: This set has a sensor pad that can be placed under mattresses, which is useful for newborns and babies as it sets off an alarm when there is no movement that has been detected for 20 seconds. The LED screens on the parent handset and the audio monitor which is to be placed in the baby’s room reflect the room temperature. Once kewpie’s old enough, you could do away with the movement pads and use the sound and video sensors. These items run on radio frequencies instead of wi-fi which means interference with other household gadgets can be a hassle.

PROS: The movement sensor under the mattress is a nice addition which makes this set a lot more baby-centric.

CONS: The items in the set run on removable batteries, which may need to be changed quite frequently.

Stacey Gleeson, in Cairns, Australia, noticed her daughter was turning blue as she looked on through a video monitor. While rushing to her baby, Gleeson dropped her iPhone 6S but called out “Hey Siri” to remote-dial an emergency ambulance.

Typically, shouting out “Hey Siri” at your iPhone (iOS 8 and later) before adding “Call 995” or “Call the police” should work. If you are tempted to try it out, note that you will have five seconds to cancel the call before it goes through. Calling up other applications aren’t as easy, Siri will still require you to enter your passcodes if activated.

But if you’re worried — not just about horrific stories like Gleeson’s — and want to keep an eye on bubba in general, consider splurging for a video monitor. Even long after bubba grows up, some of these video monitors can also serve as CCTV cameras as all of them are functional both in the night and day.

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