Letting your sweetie soak up the unique sounds, sensations and scents outdoors will benefit him ― and your relationship!

Sure, you’re a little hesitant about bringing your baby outdoors because his immunity is still immature. But unless your paedi says otherwise, spending time outdoors and introducing your young ’un to new experiences will really do him a world of good.

From birth, your baby’s a bundle of insatiable curiosity. So, let him find delight in the intriguing sights, scents and sounds of the natural world. Also, all that fresh air and sunshine ensures that your cherub stays healthy and strong. A side benefit ― your baby begins to associate being outdoors with happy fun times!

Some sun exposure is also essential for the body’s vitamin D production. By the way, working up a sweat during the day will help both baby and you sleep better at night. Check out these nifty ways to bond with your mini-me:

1) Stroll in the park
You don’t have to venture far or for too long in order to reap the benefits of heading out. Fit your mini-me into your trusty baby carrier and walk for about 10 minutes. Slowly work your way up to longer periods of time. Let him feel the leaves or smell the flowers if you head to the park.

Spending time outdoors and introducing your young ’un to new experiences will really do him a world of good.

2) Blow bubbles
Settle your mini-explorer on a mat at your neighbourhood playground or leave him in his stroller. Then grab a bottle of bubble solution, blow the bubbles in his direction and watch his face light up in wonder.

3) Have a picnic
Invite a friend or family member, grab the picnic mat and prepare some snacks. Keep the little one busy with his toys, as well as put him on his tummy. Tummy-time play helps develop strong neck muscles, crucial for baby to lift his head.

4) Wade in water
A dip in the pool will help you and baby cool down in our hot weather. So, head to your neighbourhood swimming complex and settle down in the wading pool with bubba. Fill up balloons with the water from the pool and let him practise his pincer grip by squishing the water out with his hands. Even if you’ve strapped armbands on him, ALWAYS support your baby whenever he is in the water, as a depth of just 2.5cm can be deadly!

5) Make him a flying superhero

Lay baby down across your lap while you’re sitting on a park bench, place your hands around his mid-section to support him, then gently move him up and down, back and forth life a superhero in flight. Throwing in some sound effects — “whoooooosh!” or “swoooosh!” — will earn you more adorable giggles from baby.

6) Work out with baby
Besides a walk, you could settle baby in the stroller and push him along as you jog. He’ll enjoy the cool breeze while you work up a sweat. Letting him kick around on your exercise mat at the park while you do some simple stretching or abdominal exercises also works!

You could settle baby in the stroller and push him along as you jog. He’ll enjoy the cool breeze while you work up a sweat.

Before heading out, remember that it’s essential to plan your trip. To avoid public meltdowns ― pick the right time to bring bubba out, such as after a feed and a change. And bring along the stroller, in case baby needs a nap. Take note of these pointers, too:

* Dress baby appropriately His skin is delicate and can sustain damage if it gets prolonged exposure to direct sun. If it’s sunny out, put bubba in loose clothing and a broad-brimmed cap.

* Seek shelter and apply sunscreen. Apply a thin layer of sunscreen (at least SPF 30) on baby’s skin will protect it from the sun’s UV rays. Skin damage sustained at a young age can increase your little one’s chances of developing skin cancer. Remember to reapply your sunscreen if you or baby go into the water.

* Check the day’s 2-hour weather forecast And be prepared for it to change suddenly. Why not bring along an umbrella for rain or shine — even better if your umbrella provides UV protection.

* Avoid heading out between 11am and 3pm. That is when the UV rays are the strongest.

* Avoid crowds The chances of baby catching a nasty infection increases with more people he is exposed to. Anyone who touches or carries your baby should only do so after having washed their hands.

* Keep him hydrated Always have baby’s milk (expressed or formula) at hand to keep him hydrated while outdoors. Milk should remain baby’s main source of fluids until he’s of the appropriate age.

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