A squeeze, a slurp…satisfy your baby’s rumbling tum when you’re on the go with easy baby food pouches!

Food pouches often get a bad rap for being expensive and don’t help teach babies the proper way to chew.

But these mini-sacks of grub aren’t just convenient and light to carry around ― most are reasonably nutritious and minimise messy eating. Besides, your baby will simply need to squeeze it in order to feed himself.

And while junior should not be getting all his nutrition from food pouches, they do make sense, especially when you’re on the go or travelling.

Jessica Lee, mum to Mabel, 10 months, says they came in useful during her recent trip to Bangkok. “For a quick and nutritious meal, we emptied the pouch’s contents into her oats, or simply let her have it as a snack.”

Here’s a quick guide to some of the top baby food pouches available.

Ella’s Kitchen Organic
Price $4.90/120g
From Redmart
What Made of 100 per cent organic food and veggies ― nothing is added, not even water. Choose from flavours like Mangoes, Pears & Papayas, or Broccoli, Pears & Peas. Suitable for babies over 6 months.
Parents say These are widely available on supermarket shelves as well as online, so it’s easy to top up your stash once you run out. Free of seasoning and artificial ingredients, this is Lee’s go-to brand because her “daughter slurps it up really quickly”. But at $4.90 a pop, it’s a pretty pricey snack for junior.


Bellamy’s Organic Food PouchPrice $3.15/90g
From Agape Babies
What Made with certified organic ingredients, these ready-made baby meals contain no preservatives, artificial flavours, colours, nor added sugar or salt. Start your little one off on Apple & Fig Oatmeal or Banana Apple Porridge. The more textured choices like Pumpkin & Tomato Risotto, or the Spring Vegetable Macaroni are great for older babies. Suitable for 6 months onwards.
Parents say “I like that the pouches are slightly smaller at 90g, because there is less wastage,” says Yip Lin Lee, mum to Joash, 7 months. Yip also likes the smooth texture which is not too runny, so “it’s less messy”.


P|lum Organics Organic Baby Food, Stage 2
Price From $4.16/ 113g
From iHerb
What These stage 2 food pouches, for babies over 6 months, are made with unsweetened and unsalted organic ingredients. It offers different combinations of fruits, veggies, Greek yoghurt and whole grains. The non-BPA packaging is child-safe, re-sealable and great for on-the-go feeding.
Parents say We liked the sheer variety available, plus the colourful packaging made it very attractive for mini-munchers. The pumpkin and banana is usually a hit with babies as they love the sweet taste. Yip, says that even her older son, Benjamin, 3, enjoys it as a snack.

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Heinz Organic Baby Food Pouch
Price $2.95/120g
From Redmart
Made in Australia with certified organic ingredients, these tasty food pouches are perfect for even the littlest ones, since you can offer it to them from 4 months of age. They boast unique flavours, too ― let junior try the organic apple, banana and avocado blend, or the Red Delicious & Granny Smith apples with guava.
Parents say You’re definitely getting bang for your buck here ― costs just $2.95 for a relatively big portion. The downside is that this range is a little hard to find here, though you can get it from Redmart.

Nurture Inc. (Happy Baby) Organic Baby Food, Stage 2
Price $4.18/113g
From iHerb
What A simple combination of fruit and veggies for babies 6 months and above, these USDA-certified organic food sacks are come in flavours like Apples, Cherries & Blueberries, and Apples, Kale & Avocado. You can refrigerate the contents of this BPA-free pouch after opening, then serve within 24 hours.
Parents Say A handy get that comes in many flavours, some even include Greek yoghurt which is great for your baby’s gut. We especially liked the fruit-flavoured varieties, which taste natural (perhaps even a little tart), and would go well with cereals, or on toast as a spread.


Only Organic Food pouch
Price $3.80/120g
From Agape Babies
What Available in a mix of flavours for a variety of ages ― 4 months till age 5 ― these packaged treats that contain organic ingredients are perfect for your sweetie. You’ll even find contents like cheddar cheese, and spring lamb, so you’ll pick a savoury or sweet palate for the day.
Parents say “You feel like you’re really giving your child some power-packed ingredients,” enthuses Nat Shiva, mum to Diyan, 6 months. For example, we like the Banana, Kumara & Quinoa pouch that’s made with organic ingredients and supergrain quinoa for extra nutrition. Given the amount baby gets, it also offers value for money.


Sprout Baby Organic Food
Price From $5.70/113g
From Agape Babies
What Full of nutritious ingredients like colourful veggies and wholesome grains, these organic baby food blends are a delicious way to pique your child’s enjoyment of nature’s healthiest foods. Made of BPA-free materials, these pouches don’t contain any additives, preservatives, artificial colours, flavours or ingredients.
Parents say Your baby’s snack pouch might cost more than your lunch, but you might just give in after checking out this brand’s offerings. The Organic Pear Oatmeal With Maple & Carrot would make a great breakfast of champions, while you could try Organic Sweet Potato & White Beans & Cinnamon for your mini-me’s lunch.

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