Puffs or crackers, rusks or yoghurt drops? There are countless finger foods out there for bubba’s picking!


As your baby starts moving around on her own during her weaning journey, you’d want to start introducing snacks to her. Besides giving her a little energy boost between her meals, snacks are a great way to strengthen your mini-me’s pincer grasp, and introduce her to the concept of feeding herself.

Your little one is ready for some finger-food snacks once she can sit up unassisted, and is able to chew (or gum) her food. Nutritious and yummy finger-foods include sliced avocado and bananas, but if you’re out and about, one of these snack packs will come in pretty handy. We’ve rounded up some of the best.


Happy Yogis Yogurt & Fruit Snacks, Mixed Berry flavor
Price $6.32/28g
From iHerb
What Made with organic fruit and yoghurt and packed with live active cultures for your baby’s digestive health, these little yoghurt drops are gluten free and USDA certified organic. Suitable for babies who can crawl, eat thicker solids, mash food with their gums and are able to pick food up with their thumb and forefinger.
Parents say Bubba will love these melt-in-your-mouth treats that are super convenient to take along on family outings. The light berry taste isn’t overwhelming, nor is too sweet. “My only gripe is the amount in each pack and the price. My son goes through a pack in a few days!” says Delia Soh, mum to Byron, 13 months.


Kiddylicious Banana Fruity Puffs
Price $2.90/10g
From Redmart
What These light banana corn puff snacks ― gluten free and free from artificial additives added salt or sugar ― are suitable for babies from 7 months.
Parents say These are the perfect size and texture for letting junior perfect her pincer grasp. “It’s light and crispy, which is why my kids love them. The banana taste is not too strong,” says mum of two Kay Chia. “When my son refuses to go into the high chair, I will distract him with a couple of these, and slip him in. It always works!” This snack also comes in smaller packs, so your little ones can finish it at one go.


Organix Apple Organic Rice Cakes
Price $5.90/50g
From Redmart
What These organic rice cakes are coated with organic apple juice and cinnamon. Each rice cake disc is great for little hands to grasp. Suitable for babies from 7 months.
Parents say “I really like the apple taste, and the ‘no junk promise’,” Soh says. “But I wish that it came in smaller or resealable packs, as my son only eats one or two of these at a go.” These rice cakes are a good size for babies who are starting to hold their own food, but since they can be a little hard to chew, they are more suitable for older babies, or those with teeth.


Plum Organics Super Puffs, Spinach & Apple flavor
Price $4.92/42g
From iHerb
What Made with real veggies and fruit and boasting 14 vitamins and minerals, these light baked puffs are made with whole grains and melt easily in your baby’s mouth. Ideal to let your little one practise her pincer grasp on. Suitable for babies who have started crawling.
Parents say “They are very convenient to bring out and are my go-to snack these days,” says Yip Lin Lee, mum to Joash, 9 months. “It’s a huge canister, so keep the remainder puffs crispy by placing them in an airtight container,” she adds. Value for money.

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Pigeon Baby Snacks Fish Rice Crackers
Price $4.90
From FairPrice www.fairprice.com.sg
What These fish-flavoured rice crackers are easy for baby to grab and chew on their own. Each pack of melt-in-your-mouth wafer contains 3mg of calcium to aid baby's growth. Suitable for babies from 6 months.
Parents say “I buy this because you seldom see snacks that are fish-flavoured, and it has added calcium,” says Yip. “I also like that it comes in individual packs of two crackers each.” The ingredient list includes salt and sugar.


Hipp Organic Baby’s Biscuit
Price $7.50/150g
From Agape Babies
What Made with easy-to-digest organic rice flour, these crumbly bites don’t have added sugar, milk, flavouring, colouring and preservatives. Gluten-free and enriched with vitamin B1, the cookies are low in allergens. Suitable for babies from 8 months.
Parents say Babies love the crumbly texture, and if bubba isn’t ready for finger foods, you can just dissolve the biscuit in milk to make cereal for him. Value for money, since each pack contains around 30 biscuits.


Heinz Farley's Rusks (Reduced Sugar)
Price $5.80/150g
From Redmart
What This well-known snack contains seven vitamins and minerals like vitamin D and calcium to help build strong bones and teeth. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives are added. One rusk provides 20 per cent of your baby’s daily iron requirements. Suitable for babies from 6 months.
Parents say This rusk has been a favourite of mums and babies for generations. Its rough surface is perfect for teething babies to gnaw on, as well as to grip while practising self-feeding. Plus, there’s the added option of dissolving it in milk or warm water to have as a cereal. Though it does contains sugar, we like that there’s a “reduced sugar” option.


Plum Organics Little Yums Teething Wafers, Pumpkin & Banana flavor
Price $9.90/6 individually packed wafers
From Agape Babies
What Made with whole-grain buckwheat and real fruit and veggies, this easily dissolved wafer is easy for your kewpie to handle on his own. The delicious and nutritious combination of buckwheat, pumpkin and banana will delight tiny taste buds.
Parents say “Great for my son to gnaw on when he is teething. I also like that each wafer is individually packed,” Yip says. It doesn’t make a mess either, so it’s a good bet when you’re on the go. However, it is a little pricey.

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