Gearing up for a trip with bubba? Make your next vacation a cinch with baby-friendly gear like these…

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Travelling with a baby is no mean feat. You may worry about everything, from how to manage on the plane, to where bubba will sleep, to how to manage feeding her, even what meds to pack.

But don’t let the thought of travelling with a baby intimidate you! We’ve rounded up some of the best baby gear to soothe those travel jitters.

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Babyzen Yoyo 6+ Stroller

PRICE $799
FROM Motherswork
WHAT This forward-facing stroller is suitable for babies from 6 months up to 18kg, since it allows your peewee to sit up and face the world. Available in a variety of colours, it measures just 52cm x 44cm x 18 cm when folded.
PARENTS SAY Stylish and compact, this is the stroller you want to be seen with when you are traipsing halfway around the globe. It is airline-approved because it folds so compactly, you can easily fit it in the overhead locker. It’s pricey but completely worth it, as you’ll want to use it even when you’re not travelling!

BabyBjorn Travel Cot

PRICE $429
FROM Mothercare
WHAT Easy to set up and stow away, this cot doesn’t have any loose parts, which makes it perfect for travelling. Weighing just 6kg and featuring a fitted mattress, it offers your baby a cosy place to sleep, or a secure place for you to keep an eye on your baby. The sides are made of a soft and airy mesh fabric that you can remove and wash.
PARENTS SAY Amanda Ong, mum to Violet, 6 months, loves this cot. “It’s so easy to use and takes up very little space. I’ve taken it to Hong Kong and used it in a rather small hotel room with ease.” Violet is so comfortable with it, Ong uses it like a play pen at home to keep her baby from roaming around when she’s busy cooking. “It’s more expensive than other playpens, but less bulky and very user-friendly.”

Mommy's Helper Inflatable Bath Tub

PRICE $28.90
FROM Pupsik Studio
WHAT Your little one will feel safe and comfortable taking her bath in this inflatable tub as the “saddle horn” feature prevents her from sliding down. Parents will be happy to know that this tub is made of a 100 per cent phthalate-free material, so it’s completely safe for your sweetie.
PARENTS SAY This easy to use, value-for-money inflatable bath tub is ideal when you travel. Says Teo Soh Ning, who took her daughter Yvette, 3, on a cruise when she was 3 months old. “Most cruise ships don’t have a bath tub, so I was trying to figure out how to bathe Yvette ― this was perfect.”

My Little Seat Infant Travel High Chair

PRICE $44.90
FROM Pupsik Studio
WHAT You won’t regret tossing this compact fabric travel high chair into your suitcase! It fits pretty much all types of chairs, allowing your little one to join everyone at the dining table. It’s machine washable while the 5-point safety harness makes it baby safe.
PARENTS SAY Says Teo, who recently travelled to Bangkok, “We knew that not all the eateries would have baby chairs, so we took this along, which was a great idea! It also comes it useful when we are visiting friends or relatives who may not have a high chair in their home.” 

Boba Air Baby Carrier

PRICE $89.90
FROM Pupsik Studio
WHAT Stash this lightweight and portable baby carrier in your diaper bag for days when bubba is fussy and won’t go into the stroller. Folding into its own pouch, it can carry babies and tots from 3 months to 3 years. Use it as a front or back carry baby carrier ― the sleeping hood allows your baby to doze off undisturbed.
PARENTS SAY It’s super lightweight, which is a huge advantage when you’re travelling. Not only is it surprisingly strong, it’s ergonomic, so you don’t hurt your back when carrying your baby. Another advantage is that you don’t get hot easily, thanks to its thin nylon material.

Steri-bottle Disposable Milk Bottle

PRICE $12.90/5 bottles
FROM Mothercare
WHAT This single-use feeding bottle is ready to use and therefore ideal for the pressed-for-time mum. It’s 100 per cent recyclable and also BPA-free, so it’s completely safe for your baby.
PARENTS SAY Jamie Chua, mum to Isabelle, 18 months, got this for her recent trip to Legoland, Malaysia. “I brought 10 bottles for our three day-two night trip, which was sufficient as she takes three bottles of milk a day. I didn’t need to bring along bottle detergent, a bottle brush and a steriliser, which was awesome!”

Philips Avent Thermo Flask Bottle Warmer

PRICE $49.00
FROM Redmart
WHAT If you chill your expressed breastmilk, you’ll need a way to warm it up for bubba, so this is a terrific solution. It’ll heat up baby bottles in just two-and-a-half minutes when you’re on the go without any electricity. Boiled water in the thermos flask ― which is what warms up your milk ― stays hot for up to six hours. Comes with a warming reference guide that indicates how long it will take to warm up the milk to various temperatures.
PARENTS SAY This bottle warmer makes outings so much easier. You don’t have to worry when baby’s bottle is due or feel anxious because you have nowhere to heat up the bottle. However, while it’s compatible with all bottle brands, do check that your bottles will fit before you buy. It’s also good for warming up frozen or chilled baby purêe. 

Brother Max Home and Travel Weaning Bowl

PRICE $27.90
FROM Baby Online
WHAT This feeding set solves the difficulty of feeding junior in a moving vehicle, should you need to appease his hunger pangs. An easy-to-hold wrap-around handle lets you hold the bowl securely. Fits two heat-sensitive spoons in the bowl that features two compartments and a vent for microwaving the food with the lid on. The bowl is BPA-, phthalate- and PVC-free.
PARENTS SAY This all-in-one weaning bowl set is easy to include in your luggage. We also like the suction cup base that holds the bowl securely in place, and prevents your baby from knocking it off the table. The bowl cover actually boasts a spill-proof seal, so that you can store food in it and easily stash in your diaper bag, without having to worry about leaks.