Give bubba the chance to catch more Zzzs by giving his sleep routine these simple tweaks.

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Making sure that bubba clocks sufficient and quality shuteye daily will do wonders for his growing immunity ― the better his sleep, the less likely he’ll fall sick. His body will bank those precious hours of sleep to rebuild, recover and prepare itself for another day.

But as all new parents will soon realise, wanting their little one to sleep and actually getting him to do so are two different issues. Worse, a sleep-deprived and cranky baby isn’t much fun to deal with, which may affect their appetite and your day.

Putting a sleep routine in place helps speed your sweetie to slumberland. If your methods aren’t working, you might wish to give sleep training methods a try. Meanwhile, we have rounded up several sleep tools that should get your munchkin nodding off in a jiffy…

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Skip Hop Zoo Take-along Night Light

PRICE $39.90

FROM Baby Online

WHAT A reassuring night light when your mini-me rouses in the wee hours may help him fall back to sleep. The light, which has a 30 minute auto-off function — it’ll slowly dim off towards the end — is handy if you’re only using it to help bubs fall sleep. Stash this handy get in your luggage if you’re travelling with baby. Choose between an owl, monkey and a butterfly.

PARENTS SAY KD Lim has used this night light since her baby was 6 months old, especially during night feeds and diaper changes. She says the owl’s blue light is bright enough for her to change her baby’s diapers, yet won’t rouse her infant. 

Cloud B Sleep Sheep

PRICE $55.92

FROM Pupsik

WHAT White noise — the repetitive monotonous sound of crashing waves on the beach or the drone of a washing machine running — can lull your baby to sleep. Combine these sounds of nature with a cuddly plushie and Cloud B’s Sleep Sheep is the result. It features four soothing sounds, including a mother’s heartbeat. You can easily attach it to baby’s crib, stroller and even car seat, thanks to the handy Velcro tab on the back. A built-in timer lets you to shut off the music at 20- or 45-minute intervals.

PARENTS SAY Samantha Lam likes that the toy is able to play music for nearly an hour. 

Philips Avent Digital Bath & Room Thermometer

PRICE $39.90

FROM Pupsik

WHAT Ensuring that your kewpie’s air-con room is comfortably cool and not too chilly is key to a restful slumber for him. Besides monitoring the room’s temperature, this digital thermometer also measures the temperature of his bath water. This lightweight gadget can also double as a floating bath toy.

PARENTS SAY Hidaya Damayanti, 32, mum of a 2-year-old, shares, “I use this affordable digital thermometer to measure the temperature in my son’s room and his bath water ― it’s been accurate so far.” 

Gro Zippy Pop Sleep Bag

PRICE $69.90

FROM Baby Online

WHAT What do you get when you combine a singlet with a sleeping bag? Answer: A snug sleep bag offering bubs the comfort, warmth and security of a swaddle without restraining his arms. Simply zip your kewpie into place and secure it by buttoning up the poppers on the shoulders. Two additional underarm buttons lets you adjust the size of the armholes.

PARENTS SAY Nicole Loi says that her 2-year-old son is still using the same Gro sleep bag he’s been tucked into since he was 6 months old. She adds that soft and smooth material is comforting and lends warmth when it’s cold.

SnoozeShade Plus Deluxe

PRICE $67.41

FROM AgapeBabies

WHAT No worries that bubba will miss his nap when you are out and about with a removable shade. Besides providing shade from any bright lights for your little one, this protective covering turns your pram into a conducive sleeping spot. This free-sized cover fits a wide variety of strollers, pushchairs and buggies. Leave the large mesh window open when bubba is awake, so that he can enjoy the sights, even as she’s shielded from bugs and flies. Zipping up the window blocks out up to 98 per cent of UV rays, while leaving the window open cuts out up to 80 per cent of UV rays.

PARENTS SAY Stephanie Ho says the lightweight shades are easy to use and useful in keeping out insects when bringing baby to the park. 

Red Castle CacoonaBaby

PRICE $350

FROM Mothercare

WHAT The sloping design of this bedding reduces gastric reflux if colic or reflux interrupts your tot’s sleep regularly. It keeps your baby in a semi-foetal position while he sleeps as the wraparound padding adapts to his posture like a memory-foam pillow. This cocoon-like sleeping arrangement mimicks the calming and secure qualities of a mother’s womb. If you are afraid that your baby might turn over to sleep on his tummy, the tummy band applies a light pressure on his body and keeps him in place without hindering his arms.

PARENTS SAY Bernard Tan, who says that the mattress helped his newborn sleep soundly through the night in an air-conditioned room, was like a warm and cosy nest.  

Skip Hop Moonlight & Melodies Projection Mobile (Safari)

PRICE $135.20

FROM Pupsik

WHAT This sleek-looking mobile presents eight different melodies and nature sounds — from Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Rock-a-bye Baby to that of waves, jungle crickets and heartbeats ― to lull baby back to sleep. The light at the top projects the stars and moon of the night sky on to the ceiling, creating a cosy ambience. The music fades out automatically after 20 minutes, though a remote lets you switch it off easily at night without having to fumble with the buttons. Remove the mobile’s leaves and plush toys and use it as a music box when your baby is older. 

PARENTS SAY Andrea Ong, 31, mother of a 1-year-old, says that she likes using the glowing leaves on the mobile as a night light, since the light is bright enough for her to check on her son in the middle of the night without waking him up.