There will come a time when the trusty pacifier no longer cuts it, get them these teethers instead!


Once your mini-me turns into a mini-whirlwind on all fours, you find yourself keeping an ever-more-vigilant eye on them just to steer them clear of gumming something hazardous (Keep the Lego pieces! Pills! Grapes!).

However, if the gnawing gets more frequent, along with excessive drool, it could be a sign that little kewpie might be teething and trying to relieve sore gums as the baby teeth push through them. Put your mind at ease with a teether – something they can safely chew on (and on and on). We’ve found drool-worthy ones!



Price $7.99

From Toys’R’Us,

What If you are uneasy with the idea of your little tyke gumming on gel-filled toys, you’d be pleased to learn these teethers — which come in a pack of three — are filled with “sanitised water” and can be stored in the fridge to chill before being given to bubs. These BPA- and PVC-Free soothers are good for newborns too.

Parents Say Coming in a pack of three, these soothers are probably the most economical of the lot. However, the width of the soothers might be too thick for some young babies and the pieces do smell of plastic (which hopefully will wear off through time and chewing).



Price $8.99

From Toys’R’Us,

What Good for children 3 months and up, these colourful fruit-shaped charms offers a different texture per “fruit”. All lead-, BPA-, Phthalate- and PVC-free, they are looped on a lightweight bangle so it is easy to grasp. Obviously it can double as an aid to train bubba’s fine motor skills.

Parents Say Although the bright colours make it an attractive toy — vital in getting baby to take to it in the first place — the material of the charms might be a little rough for very sore gums. We do like that the different sensory effects offered by the different textures are another form of stimulation for your little one.



Price $5.50

From Pupsik Studio

What For newborns or older, each blob along this bangle comes with a different textured surface. You can choose between two different colour combinations — pastel pink and green; or purple and orange. The ring- shape of the teether offers added convenience for parents as you can run a strap through it and tie it to the stroller (although, we’re not too keen on the idea of a dangling teether). The coolest feature? Pop the non-toxic gel-filled toy into the fridge to cool, ahead of giving it to kewpie — perfect for relieving inflamed gums.

Parents Say Some found the blobs along the ring too big for their little one’s mouths, others say it was too big for their little ones to grasp. Although, the ability to freeze the toy does prolong its cooling effect — so that was a plus.



Price $7.10

From Agape Babies

What This BPA-free teether — good for babies 3 months or older — might look like a pacifier but if you were to look carefully, you’d spot a different teat on the other end. The teether is designed to soothe with its tipple action design specifically tailored to help optimise the soothing functions as well as speed up the development of baby’s teeth.

Parents Say Love the added convenience of being able to use the soother with teething gels. Another big plus: It’s compatible with common forms of sterilisation. On the flipside, due to the standardised size of the teat, it may not be suitable for older babies.

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Price $31.90

From Pupsik studio;

What Besides being a teether that is high on the cute quotient, this giraffe teether is also made from 100 per cent BPA- and phthalate-free rubber, decorated with non-toxic, food-quality paint. The giraffe’s soft squishy body lets out a little squeak when squeezed – added stimulation for your darling.

Parents Say Mums we spoke to love the look of Sophie. The rubber texture does carry a strong smell but the all-natural, lightweight and easy-grasp toy more than makes up for it. The giraffe’s long legs makes it easy to reach the back of the mouth for when the molars are erupting. It would be a challenge to tear this away from your little one.



Price $33.92

From Pupsik Studio

What The gum soothers are just one feature on this multifunctional toy, suitable for children 3 months or older. Once the dog/bear/owl/monkey is grabbed by the arms (or wings – depending on which animal is used), it reveals a baby animal neatly tucked away in a pouch on the parent’s belly! The two feet of the stuffed toy have been replaced with teethers like a wooden bangle and a textured soother on the other. The fabric toy also squeaks, rattles and crinkles when kewpie hugs it.

Parents Say There is a nice mix of bright colours along with different textured fabrics — good for tactile exploration! The fabric might soak up the fluids on the teethers, though so be prepared to wash and dry it THOROUGHLY. Even though it is multi-functional, the toy’s a tad pricey.



Price $10.99

From Toys’R’Us

What With four different teething surfaces on the toy, there will be one that’s right for soothing junior’s irritated gums. The toy’s twistable functions and rattling sounds turn it into a developmental toy for the little tyke. The small size and weight of it makes it a handy and convenient toy to have on hand.

Parents Say The rattling of the teether will delight your little wonder and can keep them occupied while on the go. The multiple gnawing zones offer your little one to adjust according to the levels of comfort offered by each zone. Also, parents found that the figure of the toy makes it easy for their little ones to grasp.

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