Newborns may be a never-ending blur of duties, but you’ll want to make the most of these fleeting moments!

Caring for a newborn isn’t easy. These delicate little things not only require round-the-clock attention, diaper changes and feeding every two hours or less, they need snuggling and constant carrying.

New parents, of course, tend to be extremely sleep-deprived and exhausted. If you’re breastfeeding, you’ll be anxious about your milk supply, while sometimes dealing with other problems like sore nipples, mastitis and engorgement.

New dads are often stressed out by the new addition to the family, with an increased financial burden and fears of falling short as a new father. Plus, the relationship between the couple may take a hit with the arrival of a new baby.

Still, it’s often the little things that remind you why you are putting yourself through these tough times. It could be those wrinkly little toes, that soft baby hair or that delicious baby scent that just makes it all worth it.

We round up the top nine things about newborn babies that you’ll surely cherish, before bubba becomes a Terrible Two.

1. Your baby sleeping on your chest

Bubba is only this tiny once ― when you’ll can actually curl him up nice and tight, as he falls asleep on your chest, under your chin. You’ll feel his chest rise and fall against yours, and his warm breath against your skin.

“It’s the best feeling in the world, being able to protect them like that. In few months, he’ll be crawling everywhere and those days will be gone,” says mum of two, Samantha Low.

2. The smell of your baby’s head

It’s simply divine. The intoxicating newborn smell will make you want to snuggle your sweetie all day long, smelling his head and neck. “It’s kind of musky and sweet, with a hint of baby powder,” laughs Nadirah Maf, mum to Leila, 6 months.

One University of Quebec professor notes that newborn smells are a natural mechanism that deepen the bonds between parents and babies, such that the baby uses his scent to draw in the parent to ensure that they are fed, and kept warm and safe.

The baby uses his scent to draw in the parent to ensure that they are fed, and kept warm and safe.

Some researchers believe that the smell is caused by leftover amniotic fluid, or vernix caseosa, the white, cheesy-looking substance that covers babies at birth. And it doesn’t last forever ― most of the time, a large part of that smell is gone within 6 to 8 weeks.

So, go on, take a good, long whiff!

3. Those creases and folds

You’ll notice this best when you’re giving your baby a warm bath. His skin creases under his bum, between his thighs, on his back and under his arms requires all that scrutiny and care to clean. You’ll be amazed at how delicate he is ― yup, this is even before those chunky thighs and lovely arm rolls appear.

Don’t forget to clean between those tiny little fingers and toes either. Get him to grasp your fingers as you place them in his palm, thanks to the Palmar grasp reflex, which only lasts till he is 5 or 6 months old.

4. They won’t be rolling off anywhere

Once bubba makes his first flip, you’ll definitely be wondering why you didn’t cherish those fleeting newborn moments more!

Only when he’s a helpless newborn do you not have to worry about him rolling off his diaper-changing table, or from the bed onto the floor. That said, it’s still safest to keep your eyes on bubba at all times!



5. Yawns and hiccups

Your baby’s incredible body can do so many things, even from birth! While his hiccups can be a little scary for you, it’s perfectly natural for your mini-me and doesn’t even cause him any discomfort.

“I remember when Kylie first had hiccups as a newborn, I was so worried and wondered whether I should be giving her water. Now, that video of her hiccupping is so precious… he was just so small then!” says Natasha Ng, mum to Kylie, 3.

Also, we bet you’ll also have taken plenty of photos of your peewee in a full open-mouth yawn, simply because that scrunched up little face just looks too darn adorable.

6. The milk-drunk look

Just when you thought your baby couldn’t look any cuter, he finishes his milk feed, his eyes lose focus, and you see a twitch of a smile on his lips.

Indeed, most babies have their signature “milk-drunk” look, whether they pass out blissfully, or their eyes glaze over as they finish their feed.

Still don’t picture it? Just go to Instagram and type #milkdrunk or #milkdrunkbaby to see exactly what we mean by the faces on these well-fed, woozy babes.

Just when you thought your baby couldn’t look any cuter, he finishes his milk feed, his eyes lose focus, and you see a twitch of a smile on his lips.

7. The look when they’re trying to focus on your face

Newborns don’t see very well. At birth, you baby can make out mostly light, shapes and movements, but as he adjusts to life outside your uterus, he starts being able to see about 20 to 30cm away, just about enough to see your face as you hold him or her.

There will be lots of intense frowning, blinking and squinting…which means a lot of absolutely adorable expressions as he tries to make out and remember the face of the person who means the world to him… Yours! Yup, even with blurry, unfocused vision, he knows his mama.

8. Those grunts and sighs

Even before the babbling and cooing starts, your newborn will be making countless different sounds. You’ll certainly be chuckling as you remember funny noises that your cutie made as a newborn, including gurgly grunts and shallow sighs while he sleeps. “Kylie used to have these low growls as a newborn which was so funny, because she was a tiny delicate baby!” Ng laughs.

9. The way they make you feel

Indeed, the mix of love, fear, pride and awe that you feel when you’ve got your newborn baby in your arms may blow any new parent away.

“When you’re holding him, it’s like there is nothing more vulnerable and dependent on you,” says Jeremiah Siah, dad to Jonas, 3 months. “It’s a big confidence boost knowing that you had a part to play in creating this amazing human being, but also scary because his life depends on you.”

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