Gotten everything on your baby essentials list? These useful buys will help you around the house or on the go.

Parenting is full of ups and downs ― you may feel like Wonder Woman at one moment, only to realise the next moment that you’re clueless and wish someone would invent the ultimate machine that could take over your parenting duties.

Guess what? While you won’t find an ultimate solution to all your problems, you can get plenty of surprisingly innovative products on the baby gear market that can help make your parenting journey that much smoother.

Check some of the best ones out, right here!



PRICE $39.90
FROM Agape Babies
WHAT Dread eating out or visiting a friend’s place because you aren’t sure if there’s a high chair, so that you can feed your baby? The Totseat is the ideal solution as it converts almost all dining chairs of all shapes and sizes into a safe haven for your baby. It’s machine washable and comes with a tiny travel pouch. Suitable for babies from around 8 months to 30 months.
PARENTS SAY This simple and innovative idea solves all your highchair woes! “It’s is essential for me, as I eat out very often, and I know I am putting my child in something safe and clean,” says Christine Lew, mum to 11-month old Jessica. “It was especially useful during Chinese New Year, since we spent entire days visiting relative’s homes. No matter where we were, I could strap Jess down and feed her safely.”


OXO Tot Roll Up Bib

PRICE $18.90
FROM Pupsik Studio
WHAT If you’re in the process of weaning your baby, you’ll know that introducing solid food is a pretty messy affair. This OXO Tot bib is a fantastic solution ― since any food that doesn’t find its way into bubba’s mouth will fall into a wide and soft food-safe silicone pocket. This encourages your little one bubba to hone his fine motor skills and feed himself. Plus, it sure reduces the mess you might need to clean up. Available in five cheery colours.
PARENTS SAY This bib has an adjustable neck closure that is very comfortable on your baby. Since it’s BPA, PVC and phthalate free, the material is safe and non-toxic. You can even pop this easy-to-clean overall into your washing machine. Since you can roll up the bib, you can simply toss it into your diaper bag.


ClevaMama Splash & Wrap Baby Bath Towel

PRICE $34.90
FROM Mothercare
WHAT Babies aren’t easy to handle in the tub because they’re squirmy, wriggly and most of all, slippery! If you’re a bundle of nerves handling your baby in the bath tub, this towel will boost your confidence! Fasten it around your neck like an apron, then pick your baby up from the bath with two free hands. It comes with a hood, so you can cover your baby’s head to prevent him from catching a chill. Made of 100 per cent cotton, it’s gentle and absorbent on your baby’s skin.
PARENTS SAY Give your tyke a safe and secure feeling when you use this towel to pick him up from his bath. In addition, this bath sheet protects your clothes, so you won’t get all wet whenever you bathe your little one! We love how large and plush it is ― your baby will definitely be looking forward to bathtime!



Toy Leash

PRICE $6.45
FROM Pupsik Studio
WHAT Babies have the uncanny ability to drop or lose their favourite playthings everywhere. So, save yourself all those tears (his and yours!) by attaching one end of this leash to your baby’s favourite toy or pacifier, and the other end to his stroller, car seat or your diaper bag using the Velcro attachment. The leashes, made of 100 per cent cotton, come in nine different prints.
PARENTS SAY We love this simple solution to preventing your peewee from losing his toys, or even dropping his pacifier onto the floor! It does the job well, but it does seem to be a little pricey for a strip of fabric with several Velcro pieces on it.


Squooshi Reusable Food Pouches

PRICE $25 (4 large and 2 small pouches)
WHAT Once your little has started solids, you’ll probably be familiar with the convenience of baby food pouches. These little packets of goodies are great to take with you when you’re out, or when you travel. However, they can get expensive. With Squooshi, you can make your own baby food purées, then store these safely in the food pouches, which boast a ziplock-style seal and choke-proof cap. When you’re done, simply wash and it’s ready to be reused! The food pouches are free from BPA, PVC, lead and phthalate and dishwasher- and freezer-safe.
PARENTS SAY This product sure gives you the convenience of commercial food pouches without the high price! In addition, you’re better able to control what your baby eats. It’s reliable and leak-proof, as long as you don’t overfill the pouch.


Snoozeshade Sleep & Sun Shades

PRICE $71.90
FROM Babyonline
WHAT If your little one usually needs complete darkness and uses blackout curtains in her bedroom to fall asleep, she may have a problem napping in her stroller when you’re out. Use this sunshade for your stroller to protect her from the sun, light, rain and even insects when you’re out. An easy-to-use zip lets you check on her, plus, it’s also quick to fit, remove while folding up small. The sun protection (UPF40+) also shields your baby from harmful UV rays.
PARENTS SAY This is a great product for families who are always on the go or travelling. Says Lew, “We are used to getting my daughter to nap while we are out. When we put on the sunshade, she knows it’s naptime and will settle down in her stroller. It’s not too warm – it blocks out light, but not the ventilation.” Be warned, however, some babies do kick up a fuss if they feel that their view is being blocked.

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