Quality time with your tot is good for her.

Why you should spend time with your child


Lest you think teaching your child should be left in the hands of a professional since it’s too complex, Joanne Khaw, a teaching fellow at NIE’s Early Childhood & Special Needs Education Department stresses that nothing beats spending time with your child, even though structured classes may benefit your little one.

“Interacting with your tot - talking, singing, playing, eating, and reading together - are very important to her development. Not only will your child grow up feeling special and important, spending quality time together is also an excellent way for you to learn about your child’s interests and skills,” she notes.

Research has also shown that children who are read to by their parents have a larger vocabulary than other children. Reading also provides children with new perspectives about the world we live in. “So the rule is read, read and read.”

And never underestimate the power of play. Simple and fun activities that you can enjoy with your tot will help her learn, such as:

  • Puzzles Help problem-solving and visual perception.
  • First-word picture books Increase vocabulary and letter recognition.
  • Imaginary play Aids real-life skills.
  • Simple ball games Develop coordination.

Growing up takes time - with love, attention and patience, your toddler will reach every milestone when she’s good and ready. She sets the pace, so enjoy the ride!

Boys Will Be Boys…

Developmental differences between the sexes.

Is there really a biological difference between the development of boys and girls? Yes, say the experts. The brain is split into two areas - the front section, which is the “thinking” part, and the back, which is the “doing” part. In boys, the brain develops from the back to the front, so they tend to be ahead in physical ability. In girls, the brain develops from the front to the back, so they’re usually more advanced in speech, imagination and emotions. So, next time your friend’s little girl comes out with a word-perfect sentence while your son only communicates in grunts, you’ll know why!


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