Do your bedroom romps seem to be getting stale? Bring back the spark with these tips!

Sex with your spouse can soon become a chore when you are trying to conceive. It’s even worse if you and your hubby have been trying for months with no luck.

Also, having to chart your menstrual cycle, check your cervical mucus, measure your basal body temperature and pee on an ovulation stick hardly makes for a romantic prelude to smoking hot sex.

By the way, your obsession with having a baby can lead to unnecessary stress for you and your spouse. So follow these suggestions to switch things up in the bedroom

1. Arrange a tryst somewhere else Just because you have to do the deed on certain days doesn’t mean you need to do it in the same place all the time. Leave the comfort of your bedroom and get busy on the couch or in the shower. Just make sure you’re both well away from prying eyes before you get down to business.

2. Build the hype While more frequent sex increases your chances of conceiving, doing the deed too often can drain your desire to, well, perform. So, why not just focus on foreplay to build anticipation and ramp up your libido.

Leave the comfort of your bedroom and try getting busy on the couch or in the shower.

3. Achieving the “big O” Being fixated on conceiving while doing the horizontal mambo can get in the way of you actually experiencing an orgasm. So, know what works for you and then direct your hubby on what to do. Try using I-statements like “I really like it when you do this…” as opposed to saying “This isn’t doing it for me.” Conversations about intimacy may be really tough, it’ll improve your sex life.

4. Sweat it out Heading to the gym for a good workout together can rev up your sex drive while boosting your well-being, thanks to the release of endorphins — natural pain-killing and “feel good” hormones. Other upsides to working out? A hot bod ― you can’t say no to this!

5. Go on a sex-capade Getting away from the daily grind can help you relax and get back in the groove for some serious baby making. You don’t have to travel far either — destinations like Bintan boasts sea-front villas and are less than an hour away. Better yet, include your plans to do the baby dance in your vacay! Remember, the name of the game is to be spontaneous.

6. Rise and grind Sex is the last thing on your minds after a long day in the office, so all you want to do is hit the sack. Why not do it in the morning ― it’ll trigger the release of more “feel good” hormones that should lift your mood for the rest of the day.

[Sex in the morning will] trigger the release of more “feel good” hormones that should lift your mood for the rest of the day.

7. Bring out the toys From sexy lingerie, blindfolds to lotions and even sex toys, buy anything that catches your collective fancy. If you’re uncomfortable about visiting a physical store, there are plenty online, so just log on and shop till you drop!

8. Talk dirty and get creative Put the numbers one to 30 in a hat and pick out five numbers. These are the dates you’ll be having sex with your significant other — but don’t tell him just yet. Towards the end of each of those days, send him suggestive text messages about the plans you have for him. Switch things up by including some themed nights when you can each take on a character of your choice in bed. You could also write dirty messages and hide them in places where your husband will likely find them — just not in their work clothes or documents.

9. Visit your old haunts Feel like throwing in the towel regarding your conceiving plans? Revisit the places you used to frequent as a couple and reminisce about the fun you had there. This should remind you both why you embarked on this baby-making journey in the first place.

10. Lube up It’s a fact — women tend to take longer to achieve sexual arousal than men. And nothing derails intercourse more than being dry “down there”. Besides devoting more time to foreplay, using lubricants — check to see that these are sperm-friendly — can ease the way. If it’s a persistent problem, you may want to consult your ob-gyn to find out if there’s a medical reason for it.

11. Give it a rest If you both are feeling, well, spent just thinking about the act, take a baby-making break. So, don’t monitor your menstrual cycle and put away the ovulation kit. Return to simple acts of affection like holding hands when you’re walking together ― giving each other massages can also help you both reconnect. After all, strong bonds are crucial when you have plans to start a family together. And taking a break might well rekindle the flames.

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