You’re decided to have a baby, so you’re tracking your ovulation. Check out these ovulation kits…and good luck!

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So, you want to get pregnant and the starting point? You need to predict when it’s a good time for your body to conceive. Purchasing an ovulation tracker can help you pinpoint your most fertile days. 

There is only a small window of time within each month that you can conceive. Typically, this isn’t more than six days, and the time leading up to this phase is when you are most fertile. 

Ovulation kits come in a variety of forms. Some test your urine ― these pick out an increase in luteinising hormone (LH), which happens a day or two before ovulation, indicating the period in which you are most likely to conceive. 

Saliva-based test kits test the salt content of your saliva, which rises as your oestrogen levels rise. When the salt dries, it crystallises into a fern-like pattern and this is more likely to occur in the days leading up to ovulation.

Our testers give their verdicts on the best options for you.

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Guardian Ovulation Test Kit 5s

PRICE $31.90/5 sticks

FROM Guardian

PROS Quick results, quite sensitive. Most pocket-friendly ― which is important especially if you foresee using a substantial amount!

CONS Some ladies felt confused by how bold or faint the indicator line was, thus it’s a little challenging to see when the peak of ovulation was. 


Watsons One Step Ovulation Test 5pcs

PRICE $34.90/5 sticks

FROM Watsons

WHAT Place the absorbent tip of the device in the urine stream for 10 seconds and wait for coloured bands to appear.

PROS Easy to read.

CONS Read results within five minutes or the test will become invalid.

Clearblue Ovulation Test 5pcs

PRICE $53.90/5 sticks

FROM Guardian and Watsons 

WHAT Identifies the two best days to conceive by detecting the luteinising hormone.

PROS Get results in just three minutes.

CONS Pricier than house brand kits.

Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test

PRICE $65.35/7 sticks

FROM Guardian and Watsons

WHAT Use this test once a day at the same time when you expect an LH surge as it tells you the best two days to conceive.

PROS Because it’s a digital test, there’s no need to read and interpret the lines. Also, there is a unique flashing test stick symbol, so you’ll know the test is working.

CONS More expensive. 

Fairhaven Health, Fertile-Focus, 1 Personal Ovulation Microscope

PRICE $38.92


WHAT To find out if you are about to ovulate, simply place a drop of saliva on the lens and read the pattern.

PROS Easy to use, more convenient than the “pee sticks”. You can re-use this device, so it’s cheaper than the disposable options.

CONS Some complaints about the light being too bright, or lens being scratched over time with repeated use, so it’s difficult to see the ferning pattern. 

David Ovulation LH Test Kit 10's

PRICE $8.20/10 strips

FROM Lazada

WHAT These high-sensitivity test strips measure your luteinising hormone levels. A negative test means there is no LH surge ― the test band is lighter in colour than the control band. For a positive test for ovulation, the test band is equal or darker than the control band.

PROS Offers value for money and is easy to carry around, so it’s unlikely you’ll forget to use them.

CONS Some may find it complicated to use, and even refer to the instructions repeatedly to interpret the results.

Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor with 20 sticks and 4 pregnancy tests

PRICE $280


WHAT This monitor tracks and stores fertility and pregnancy information. It identifies your fertility window by tracking your oestrogen and luteinising hormone levels.

PROS Easy to use and understand. You can also use the same device to test for pregnancy.

CONS Pricey. Plus, you have to buy the sticks separately.