No way things will get dull under those sheets with these fun perk-me-ups!

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Doing the deed isn’t just about trying to get pregnant, it’s about getting intimate and connecting with your spouse as sex plays an important role in enhancing and maintaining a loving relationship between you both.


Over time, sex can get routine and (gasp!) even a chore!


But you don’t really need to do that much to get out of the sex doldrums ― try simple tricks like running an ice cube down your man’s back, or taking a warm bath together before getting it on. Add oomph to your encounters with these…aids.


If you need some help to get things started, we’ve rounded up several bedroom “essentials”, so you’ll feel romantic, ramp up your sensual side, and put yourself in the mood.


So, go on, set the scene and get busy!

The Body Shop Sensual Massage Oil

PRICE $22.90

FROM The Body Shop

WHAT Inspired by the Lomi Lomi massage from Polynesia, which translates to mean “loving hands”, this massage oil is ideal for a sensual, aphrodisiac rub. It features a blend of Polynesian ylang ylang, Tahitian vanilla and Hawaiian kukui essential oils.

PARENTS SAY A massage is a wonderful way to get to know your partner’s body without any pressure. Using this oil helps you relax while gradually increasing the anticipation. The reasonably light oil absorbs well, which is great as the both of you won’t end up feeling icky you’re done!

Intime Intimate Rose Lubricant


FROM Intime Organique

WHAT This sweet-smelling lubricant boasts natural plant ingredients like blue mallow, calendula and aloe vera. These highly moisturising components promote skin elasticity and softness. Simply squeeze a little onto your palm and apply to your intimate areas.

PARENTS SAY Lubricants are handy if you feel dry down there, which can lead to uncomfortable, or even painful sex. We like the natural properties (hey, you’re applying it to your most intimate areas!) in this buy, plus, who can resist such a pretty bottle?

Tenga Iroha Tori Massager

PRICE $199.90

FROM Watsons

WHAT Don’t underestimate this simple-looking massager. Shaped like a little red bird with a smooth tip, it’s soft, yet has all the curves and edges to create optimal pleasure. With five vibration strengths and two rhythm patterns, you’ll be yearning to try something different each time you get under the covers! The medical-grade silicone material is FDA approved and safe on bodies.

PARENTS SAY Small, stylish and unassuming, it’s perfect for a discreet personal toy. While it’s pricey, you might still want to splurge on this well-designed product, since you can have some fun with the hubs in the bath ― yep, it’s waterproof. It’s sturdy yet soft where it matters. We like the anti-dust coating, which keeps it clean. 

Cosmo's Little Big Black Book of Sex Games

PRICE $22.52

FROM Book Depository

WHAT This steamy book is bursting with fabulous ideas and activities to try in bed! From games and new positions, to sexy quizzes and naughty massages, you won’t be able to complain that sex is boring!

PARENTS SAY Get this little book for your man, then place it strategically under his sheets ― he’ll get the message! It’s perfect for couples who wonder how to spice things up, or want to add variety to their boudoir rendezvous. We bet you’ll start seeing your man in a new light! 

Kheper Games ― Sex! The Board Game

PRICE $89.90

FROM Lazada

WHAT Both you and your spouse will use a circular board to play this risqué game, which will place you both in various tantalising situations. You may have to answer a steamy trivia question, or strip off an article of clothing in the most seductive manner. Lick something sweet off your mate’s body, or roll two dice that’ll tell you what action to perform on your partner’s lower body.

PARENTS SAY This game just proves how much fun sex can be! The object is to engage in all sorts of foreplay before arriving at your goal, when you can indulge in full-on sex. That said, we won’t blame you if things get too steamy and you abandon the game before  it reaches its, ahem, natural conclusion.

Godiva Chocolate Carré Collection, All Dark, 36pcs


FROM Godiva

WHAT If you need to take a snack to bed, at least make it count. This gorgeous selection of dark chocolates in an elegant metallic box is the perfect nibble when you’re cuddling. Available in different chocolate intensities, including 50 per cent, 72 per cent and 80 per cent rich, dark chocolate.

PARENTS SAY Chocolates contain an amino acid that’s an effective natural sex-enhancer, since it promotes blood flow to your sexual organs. Also a natural mood lifter and energy booster, eating some can, well, help last you through the night. You’ll love the rich dark chocolate, especially with its lower sugar content and, yes, fewer calories. Yippee!

WoodWick Vanilla Bean Medium Candle

PRICE $61.77

FROM WoodWick

WHAT This understated candle, presented in an elegant glass holder with a finely-crafted wooden lid, it has a natural wick made from organic wood. The candle lends a soft glow and a soothing crackling sound when it’s lit. Made of a quality soy wax blend, it boasts a premium fruity fragrance.

PARENTS SAY Nothing screams romance more than a dim room which is lit by a single candle. This one exudes a vanilla fragrance ― vanilla is a natural aphrodisiac that evokes euphoria and feelings of relaxation. 

Kylie Padded Chemise by Perk by Kate

PRICE $89.90

FROM Perk by Kate

WHAT Made of soft rayon cotton, the Kylie chemise is sweet and sensual at the same time, thanks to lace trimmings. The flatteringly cut nether garment has padded cups for support, and comes in a number of colours including blue-grey, cream-white and burgundy-black.

PARENTS SAY We love the gorgeous blue-grey colour of this intimate wear that should make you feel oh, so sexy, and the hubs, all raring to go. But be warned, it’s so soft and comfortable, you may even want to use it as regular nightwear, rather than merely on those “special” nights!