Experiencing one or more of these symptoms? Your body is telling you that it’s baby-ready!

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You and the hubs have decided to take the plunge and start a family. Just one roll in the hay and boom ― a bun will be in the oven, or so you think. But after several attempts, you realise that perhaps baby making is not that straightforward after all.  


Did you know that every month a woman only has a 20 per cent chance of conceiving? Plus, the window for conception is a tight 48 hours. Yes, you heard that right. Your man’s sperm has just two days to fertilise your egg after it’s released by your body.


Ovulation happens like clockwork ― 14 days before your menses ― eventhough a woman’s menstrual cycle may vary, anything between 21 and 40 days. You can take tests to find out when you’re ovulating, but your body also gives out clear signals that it’s preparing to create a baby. All you have to do is read them right.


Scroll through the photo gallery to learn what these signs are. And if you’re experiencing a few, or all, of them right now, call the husband at once and get him to report to the bedroom, pronto!


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1. Increased sense of smell 

Can’t walk past a wet market without needing to barf? Or is your colleague’s perfume suddenly bothering you when it never used to? You can probably blame the increase in your oestrogen levels, which happens during ovulation. “During ovulation, your sense of smell is more heightened, sometimes, even to certain aromas,” notes SmartParents expert Dr Christopher Chong, an obstetrician-gynaecologist at Gleneagles Hospital. He adds that these women are also more likely to be attracted naturally to androstenone, a male pheromone. So, if your man’s body odour is giving you all the feels, no you’re not going crazy, your body is just getting you in the mood to make a baby.

2. Increased sex drive

Speaking of being in the mood… You’ll notice that suddenly you’re ready for a romp at all hours of the day. Just having your hubs brush past you will be enough for you to want to jump him. “This is probably due to the sudden surge in the luteinising hormone and oestrogen levels, which happens just before ovulation,” explains Dr Chong. “It’s nature's way of preparing for intercourse and conception, getting one to desire intercourse, just like the animal kingdom.” You heard the doctor ― giddy up, it time to do it like they do on the Discovery Channel!

3. Feeling and looking extra attractive

Are your lips looking fuller, your hair shiner and your strut sexier? Studies have indicated that a woman’s allure changes over the course of her menstrual cycle, peaking right at ovulation. This also explains why men find women more irresistible at certain points in the month. While there’s no solid medical explanation as to why, it could go back to what Dr Chong says about nature’s way of encouraging procreation. “Unfortunately, these days, our tiredness, stress from work, family or the kids and quality of life affect these natural instincts and often mask them totally,” Dr Chong adds.

4. Your cervical mucus changes

“Again, it’s preparing the ‘environment’ for intercourse and conception,” notes Dr Chong. Before ovulation, your cervical mucus will be white or cloudy in appearance, but closer to the fertile period it will turn thinner, clearer and slippery, like egg white. The change in consistency happens in order to help sperm swim right up to the egg and fertilise it. So how does one check their cervical mucus? Simple [― wipe yourself or insert a clean finger up your vagina and remove some to test. (Photo: New Health Advisor)

5. Sore breasts

Tender nipples and heavy, achy boobs are something we can all identify with when that time of the month rolls around, right, ladies? As annoying as this is, sore breasts are also a clear indication that ovulation is imminent ― this is when your body produces a surge of hormones to prep you for conception.

6. Feeling warmer than usual

Is it getting hot in here? No, it’s just you, unfortunately. It’s all good news though as it’s just your basal body temperature (BBT) spiking. In case you didn’t know, your BBT changes throughout your cycle. It remains low in the first half of the cycle because of an oestrogen surge, but rises during the second half, thanks to a boost in progesterone levels, which helps ready your uterus to implant the fertilised egg.

7. Mid-cycle spotting

If your period shows up like clockwork and you realise you’ve started spotting earlier than usual, don’t be alarmed ― your cycle isn’t going haywire. In fact, it could be a cause for celebration because mid-cycle spotting is a sign that your body is fertile and ready for some “action”. “This is due to ovulation,” says Dr Chong. “There can be slight bleeding at the point of ovulation, which is often coupled with slight abdominal pain. It’s called the ‘mitelschmertz’ [midcycle pain] phenomenon and is completely natural.”