Say these magic phrases to your significant other and build up your man and your marriage…

Whether you’ve been married for eight months or 18 years, whispering loving words into your spouse’s ear is a sure-fire way to put the “za za zoo” back into your romance.

By the way, it’s not only women who like to hear that they look great or are valuable ― men do, too! Underneath their cool strong and silent exterior, all men have a sensitive side which can be nurtured with meaningful words of affirmation.

A man who is constantly reminded of how well he’s doing will gain more confidence and strive to better himself. The result? A happier and more involved husband and father to your kids.

If you feel like your relationship could use a bit of a jump-start, strengthen your bond with these powerful phrases that’ll make a great alternative for the good though ubiquitous “I love you”.

1. “I appreciate everything you do for our family.”

He works long hours to provide for the family financially and tries his best to pitch in with the household chores and kids whenever possible. Sometimes, he even lets you sleep in on the weekends, while he takes the rugrats out for breakfast. He knows you have a lot on your plate and keeps reassuring you that you’re doing a great job. You think he should be grateful to have you to hold the fort ― because you are a superwoman after all. But it doesn’t hurt to recognise his contributions, however big or small these may be.

Exercising humility keeps your marriage healthy and lets your hubby know that you are able to prioritise him over your pride.

2. “You were right, I was wrong.”

It’s a rare occurrence when our hubbies actually turn out to be right. So, you have all the more reason to celebrate! Sure, it’s easier on our egos to pretend that our other half wasn’t right, especially when we really wanted to be right. But think about how good he will feel when he hears you say that he has (finally) done something right. Exercising humility keeps your marriage healthy and lets your hubby know that you are able to prioritise him over your pride.

3. “I feel safe with you.”

As independent woman, many of us are capable of juggling several roles, so we tend to forget that our men are in fact available to take care of our needs as well. Make the hubs feel wanted and needed again by showing him how much his presence and protection is needed. It could start with simple words like, “Honey, could you help me with…” or “Thank you for being there for me today when…”.

4. “You always make me laugh.”

Men are a perfect mix of suave, sweet and silly. The hubs doesn’t just want to win you over with his charm, he also wants to be the only one to make you belly laugh like no one else. After all, a couple that laughs together, stays together, right? So, tell him when he does make you laugh ― not just by giggling, but also by what you say. It will make him feel like a superstar.

Read on for six more statements that’ll add sizzle to your marriage…



5. “Should I slip into something more comfortable?” *wink wink*

Your man shouldn’t always be the one to seize the initiative in the bedroom. Make him feel as wanted as he does you by making the first move tonight ― tell him it’s his night to be take care of. Even men need some TLC!

6. “I’m so glad I married you.”

In your man’s eyes you are so perfect, he sometimes wonders how he got this lucky. Be sure he knows, without a doubt, that you feel the same way as well. Tell him every chance you get that you’re as thrilled with the choice you made as the day you accepted his proposal and that in another lifetime, you would do it all over again.

7. “What would you like to do today?”

Men are very go-with-the-flow kind of creatures, so they’re usually satisfied with letting their ladies make social arrangements and date-night plans. However, you should make an effort to do things that interest him as well ― it’ll make him feel special and valued. So, sit through his favourite action-packed or sci-fi movie even if you’re bored senseless ― think of the many chick flicks he’s had to endure because he loves you. Offer to play his favourite video games with him and also let him have his time with his boys. “Sometimes, all I want to hear from my wife is, ‘Why don’t you go hang out with the boys tonight and sleep in tomorrow, I’ll take the kids to my parent’s place in the morning,” says Kristian Saunders, 38.

Show your appreciation, not just for the big gestures, but more importantly, the small ones, too, because they often go unnoticed.

8. “How can I chip in more with the finances?”

The modern-day couple is expected to take on equal financial responsibilities. But if mum is staying home with the kids or taking extended no-pay maternity leave, the burden to provide for the family financially falls on the husband. Trying to make ends meet can be taxing on the sole provider, so it’s nice to hear you offer to shoulder that burden. Maybe you can find ways to save money by eating at home more often or buying pre-loved clothes and toys for the kids. Let him know you are trying to make life easier and not just expecting him to settle every bill.

9. “You are so good with the kids when you…”

It’s easy for mummies to ace parenting because it’s in our DNA. However, it’s not that seamless for dads, plus, theirs is quite a steep learning curve. So, reassure your man that he’s on the right track as a parent ― especially when he’s better at something than you, such as roughhousing with the kids or teaching them to be braver in the playground.

10 . “Thank you for…”

Fixing the wonky flush, picking up dinner, getting the kids ready on time or the diamond necklace he’s about to buy you *wink*. Show your appreciation, not just for the big gestures, but more importantly, the small ones, too, because they often go unnoticed. “Nothing makes my day more than when I hear my wife thank me for all the small things I do around the house and with the kids,” adds dad of three Ewan Mah.

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