Life with a tot is much easier? Think again! You won’t be able to indulge in the following anytime soon…

Simple activities
— like going out for a quick meal with your spouse — can become a laborious one when you’ve got toddlers to care for.

Even if you were at home, trying to get time to yourself, like going to the loo, can be a challenge in the face of your little ones who demand your full attention and time. We’ve rounded up a list of situations that’re even more complicated now that you’ve got your mini-me(s) around…

1) Getting into an argument with your spouse… There are bound to be things that you and your spouse don’t see eye-to-eye on and heated argument and conflicts can result. It’s definitely not a good feeling to quarrel with your spouse and it’s especially awful when your child has to witness it. The next time when you are about get into a fight with your spouse, stop and know when to pick your battles. There’s no point getting agitated about small issues like who left the toilet seat up, and then spend days trying to mend fences.

2) … using swear words Getting into a heated argument is bad enough, the last thing you should be doing is to corrupt your little one’s young and impressionable mind with your potty mouth. Just imagine how mortifying it would be to have your preschooler utter swear words at an inopportune moment — during church service or in class!

It’s definitely not a good feeling to quarrel with your spouse and it’s especially awful when your child has to witness it.

3) Road rage Facing congested roads and terrible drivers while having to pacify your impatient brood in the backseat makes just about anyone’s road rage go into overdrive. But you have to show restraint and avoid flashing an obscene gesture at the errant driver now that you’re a parent. You definitely shouldn’t be doing anything that compromises your child’s safety on the roads, either.

4) Having a meal at a posh restaurant Wine glasses, heavy metal cutlery and fine chinaware are a hazardous mix especially if you’re dining out as a family. Also, your little one’s incessant questions about what’s taking the food so long to arrive won’t just ruin the posh ambience, it’ll provoke the ire of your fellow diners. Not to mention it’ll definitely cost a bomb to feed more than two mouths. So until your child’s able to mind his manners, you may want to dine out at family-friendly restaurants, instead.


5) Leave writing or colouring materials unattended Unless you don’t mind having your little Picasso covering your pristine white walls with his latest art work, it’s best you hide these “weapons of mass destruction” when it isn’t time for craft activities.

6) Being hungover The best way to have your reputation of a loving parent be ripped to shreds is to get tipsy. Doesn’t matter if your child is at home with your helper, or you’re drinking in the privacy of your own home with the kids safely in bed. You are certainly held to a higher standard when you’re a parent so you’ll need to bid a fond farewell to your days of being the life of the party.

7) Trying out a trendy diet plan Watching what you eat can be challenge when you’re a parent, especially when any leftover food ends up on your plate. Embarking on a juice cleanse or low-carb diet is also the last thing you need, after the stress of trying to appease your terrible tot.

8) Sleeping in An unspoken pre-requisite of being a good parent is soldiering on with minimal amounts of sleep daily. So, if you aren’t surviving on the caffeine coursing through your veins, you probably aren’t going about your parenting gig the right way.

Embarking on a juice cleanse or low-carb diet is the last thing you need, after the stress of trying to appease your terrible tot.

9) Go on actual theme park rides Your child will take a while to meet the height restrictions on amusement park rides. Until then, your visits will be dominated by costumed-mascots and kiddie rides like the merry-go-round or the Ferris wheel. You’ve just got to grin and bear it!

10) Embark on long-haul flights Going on a family vacation to some far-flung corner of the world, with your toddlers in tow, isn’t an activity for the faint of heart. Besides ensuring that you’ve packed along everything you need, you’ll also have to keep your children occupied so they won’t end up bugging fellow travellers.

11) Do your nails and fix your hair at the salon Life with a toddler, at least for the first 4 years of their life, involves cleaning up diapers, washing and scrubbing milk bottles and preparing their meals. So, you wonder if it’s even worth it to be forking out cash for that French manicure, since they’ll probably get damaged in no time. And if you do decide to go for it – and do your hair while you’re at it, just know that it ain’t going to be a relaxing couple of hours of you sipping tea and flipping through magazines. You’ll probably be screaming at your tot to stop bouncing on those salon chairs, and to get his little fingers out of the hairdryer. You get the gist.

12) Learn a new skill that’s not related to child care Silence is eerie when you have a curious toddler on the loose at home. With all that racket your tot is making, staying focussed to learn and memorise things is just impossible. Plus, who has the time for scrapbooking or guitar lessons anyway?

13) Shop in peace Gone are those days your active mini-explorer is going to sit or stand quietly in a corner of the store or by your side as you shop. They’d much rather run around and risk getting injured. Instead of causing trouble for shop assistants, you may have to indulge in online shopping instead.

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