Cot? Check. Cute clothes? Check… But make sure to also tick off these items on your newborn’s checklist!

You reckon you’ve gotten your baby’s needs pretty well covered ― the cot’s set up, as is the stylish new stroller. Diapers and diaper rash cream aside, have you considered looking into your little one’s health and safety needs?

Safeguarding your sweetie’s well-being includes making sure her medical needs are also protected. And in the scary event that she does fall sick, you’ll also avoid having to foot hefty hospital bills. We rounded up several items you should include in your checklist of newborn things to get:

1) Digital thermometer

Fever is often the first sign of any trouble and it’s especially deadly when an infant is merely several weeks old. Whether the digital thermometer is an in-ear model or something you slip under baby’s arms, it’s your first line of defence. If your infant has a fever, bring him to the doctor immediately.

2) Rubbing alcohol

Be sure to apply rubbing alcohol on tweezers and thermometers before using these on baby. You’ll want to protect your newborn from picking up germs and risk getting a nasty infection.

If your infant has a fever, bring him to the doctor immediately.

3) Bulb syringe

Your little one’s airways might get clogged with a build-up of mucus. So that he’ll breathe better, use a bulb syringe — otherwise known as a nose cleaner or nasal aspirator — which uses air pressure to clear all that icky stuff from his nose!

4) Baby-safe insect repellent

Doesn’t matter if you live in a cluster or not, dengue and Zika virus infections are something you need to pay special attention to with a defenceless baby in the house. Besides doing the mozzie-wipeout, make sure to have a bottle of mosquito repellent on hand.

5) Air purifier

Don’t wait till Singapore’s in the thick of the seasonal haze to get an air purifier ― protect your baby’s easily-compromised respiratory system now. If you suffer from chronic conditions like asthma or allergic rhinitis, bubba’s genetically predisposed to these conditions too. So, get an air purifier with a HEPA filter, which will clear the air of dust and pollutants that aren’t visible to the human eye.


6) Childproofing products

In no time, your helpless infant will develop into an inquisitive toddler. So, shield your sweetie from trouble by childproofing dangerous spots like the sharp corners of your dining table.

Also, you should consider taking up a good health insurance plan ensures that you’ll be financially protected for medical emergencies.

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