Tips on how to get out there and move it, move it.

Allan Wu’s quick guide to a fitter life


1 Pick something you have an affinity for and enjoy doing

Allan: “For me, I go running and swimming. I put on a pair of shoes or Speedos and go, and get it all done really fast. I’d rather play basketball or beach volleyball with friends, but that requires more time and planning. If you take a liking to one of the more traditional sports like running or swimming, that’s great, ’cos it's easier to get going. Some people need personal trainers to help log their progress or do something like CrossFit, boxing or yoga. There’s no excuse ’cos there are so many choices, but the key is to find something you have a passion for.”

2 Manage your expectations and stick with your routine

“Starting a workout routine is not hard. What’s difficult is sticking with it. The results won’t show up overnight. You have to be disciplined, dedicated and motivated. In the end, it’s simple science. You eat less and work out, and you will lose weight.”

3 Too tired? Not enough time? It’s about priorities

“There are 24 hours in a day, and it’s all about priorities. If I want to hang out with someone, then I will make time to see him. If I don’t really want to see him, I won’t make time. If you really want to get in shape, respect that, and prioritise and make the time for it. When I used to have a real job in a biotechnology company, I’d work 11pm to 8am. I’d get off early at 5am, drive three hours to go to Tahoe, go snowboarding all day, then drive back and go right back into work. There are days you get so tired. But I realise that no matter how tired I am — whether it’s mentally or even physically — once I go for a run, I feel so much better. You feel like you’ve accomplished something for that day.”

4 Too busy with the kids to exercise? Incorporate them into your workout

“When you become parents, a lot of your time is dedicated to your children. You just give up on exercising ’cos you’re tired and busy. Again, it’s about priorities. If you don’t have time to go work out by yourself, why not incorporate your kids into your regimen and have them work out with you? I know it’s hard to get kids out of the house these days, with all the digital distractions, plus Singapore’s humidity makes it not the most conducive place for a sporting lifestyle. So I’d lead by example. I’d go out with my kids and play basketball and beach volleyball, and swim and run laps with them.”

Article: 8 Days

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