SmartParents readers spell out what’s on their grown-up wish list this Yuletide season.

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Long gone are the days when all you wanted for Christmas were your two front teeth. Once you become a parent and start operating in the real world of bills, budgets and babies, your gift wish list looks a lot different now.

Clinching top spot for many a sleep-deprived parent: 10 (okay, maybe eight) uninterrupted hours of Zzzzs…hear that, kids? And while we’re dreaming, here’s one for the ladies ― being able to sneeze, laugh or cough without peeing in our pants (amen, sistah!).

’Tis the season for miracles, folks, so don’t stop daydreaming. SmartParents asks its readers, what they would name if they could be granted a wish for any app or gadget that’ll make life just a little bit easier. Find out what their innermost desires are….

1. Fun Seekers

“Singapore has so many great outdoor playgrounds ― I wish I had an app that would detect whichever location I’m at and give me a list of nearby playgrounds I could take my son to.”
Kristian Sunders, 38, IT expert and dad to Michael, 2.

2. Hire Power

“Maybe an app that geotags job vacancies. So, when I’m walking down the CBD area or anywhere with office buildings, I will get a notification that some company is hiring for a certain position. I could even duck in for an impromptu interview!”
Simon Tan, 35, manager and dad to Sienna, 2.

3. Face Value

“An app that will give 99 per cent accuracy on what your future child will look like when you upload a pic of yourself and your spouse. They have it now, but all of them result in freakish-looking babies. Not sure how it will make life easier, but definitely more fun!”
Theresa Ramalingam, 32, web designer and 6 months pregnant.

4. Breast Wishes

“I would love a Foursquare search-and-discover type app where you can check into nursing rooms, rate the facilities and describe your experience. This will save me from wandering into than less-than-desirable ones.”
Sue Tan, stay-at-home-mum to Liam, 13 months, and Christian, 4.

5. Tough Talk

“I know this sounds stupid, but I'd love one of those exoskeletons [an external skeleton that supports and protects your body] that lets parents do things at the playground their real age doesn’t. Like swing on the monkey bars, jump up and down constantly, run all over the place and not feel tired. Then when the kids are tired, you can swoop them up and walk back to the car.”
Allanjit Singh, 38, managing director and dad to Daanya, 11 months, and Asher, 3½.

6. Easy Doze It

“An app that releases a sound or music to make the kids feel sleepy and signal to them that it’s time to go to bed. It will ease bedtime battles and give me more me-time!”
Seraphina Goh, 36, graphic designer and mum to Koby, 2, and Kellan, 5.

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7. Clean Interest

“I could use a robotic self-cleaning kit of some kind that will change my son’s diapers, so I don’t have to.”
Kumari Revi, 35, lecturer and mum to Dhilan, 23 months.

8. Game On!

“A virtual reality game that encourages “real-world” interaction with your kids. Maybe a mix of treasure hunt and Pokémon Go, but with age- and time-appropriate tasks and challenges. For example, if I have only 30 minutes with my 4-year-old, it’s raining and we are indoors, what kind of activity can this app recommend? Same for if I had 90 minutes and in a park with a 6-year-old.”
Lars Voedisch, 43, principal consultant and dad to Karl, 2, Ella, 4, and Kurt 6.

9. Close Call

“I need an app that automatically shuts down the iPad after a certain time limit, like 30 minutes.”
Shivani Priyadarshini, 35, regional marketing manager and mum to Alexander, 5.

10. You've Got Meal

“Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a robot that could prepare meals in half the time while I’m at work and it’s ready for me when I walk through the doors?”
Jessica Gullichsen, 37, journalist and mum to Isaac, 9 months, and Joshua, 2½.

11. Stalking Points

“A child-tracking device would be really helpful. Something which will give off a beeping sound when the kids are not at the place where they’re supposed to be. The other day, all the kids were playing on the balcony while I was preparing dinner when Meghna wanders off into the bathroom because she wanted to have a shower. When I found her, she was naked and was about to turn on the tap!”
Yogeswari Vijayan, 34, learning designer and mum to 2-year-old twins Meghna Jai and Meghav, and Gaurav, 4.

12. Click Fate

“A remote control like in the movie Click. So, when I use the remote on them, my boys will do and move according to how I want them to!”
Shazeen Tyebally, 40, account manager and mum to Kyle, 4, and Ashley, 6.

13. Rave New World

“How about an app that converts whatever I’m saying into a loud, stern voice to scare the kiddos a little. Also, so that I don’t have to scream at them all the time and get a headache.”
Thilaga Linggam, 38, stay-at-home-mum to Jayshree, 17 months, and Yuvaraj, 6.

14. Bruise Control

“I wish there was a device with a button that could ‘freeze’ the kids for a few seconds, so that they don’t hurt themselves when a mishap is about to occur. Like when they’re about to hit their head on the sharp end of the table, fall off the bed or insert their fingers in the door, it would be awesome if I could click a button, pause at that moment and rescue my kids.”
Cynthia Goh, 36, graphic designer and mum to Kyler, 3, and Kiern, 6.

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