We have tips for travel packing for efficiency and space saving! See our video for our handy tips!

Kick off your vacay on the right note with this packing checklist:

· Clothes Depending on the weather, you may also want to bring gloves, scarves, a warm hat, and so on.

· Diapers and diaper accessories These include wet wipes, tissue paper, diaper rash cream and plastic bags.

· Swimming gear An essential if there’s a pool or a beach at your destination! Don’t forget swim diapers, too.

· Food Pack sufficient milk, as well as suitable foods, for your tot. This may include packet or jar foods, cereal bars or dry cereal. Bring some chewy candy to ease any air pressure on his ears on the plane.

· Travel accessories You might want to take along a compact stroller or a baby carrier. So that your little one feels comfortable on the flight, don’t forget a snuggly blanket.

· Sleep essentials Make sure to include the blankie junior can’t sleep without, or even bring a travel cot.

· Emergency kit Don’t forget the common medicines, a first-aid kit and a thermometer.

· Toys For a piece of home and your own sanity, put together a bag of his favourite toys, books and colouring materials.

For more tips and tricks for packing for a vacation with junior, check out our travel packing how-to video.

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