From silicone to fabric ones, these adorable bibs can lead your fight against stained clothes in style!

When it comes to picking the right bib for baby, start by considering these:

Purpose of the bib

Feeding bibs tend to be larger in size to cover as much of your kewpie’s clothes as possible. They also tend to come with a crumb-catcher at the base of the bib to catch loose bits of food falling from bubba’s mouth. Unfortunately, the crumb-catcher may make the bib a little too clunky. Choose bibs that are easy to clean and portable — especially if you dine out often.
Drool bibs — also called teething bibs — tend to be smaller in size (thus more portable). These are designed to absorb the dollops of saliva sliding down from peewee’s lips when teething; this can prevent drool rash. Stick to fabric bibs that are good for machine wash.

The size of the bib

It should not be so loose that your tot’s able to shimmy out of it but not too fitting either — it should not feel like a choker. Most bibs come with adjustable fitting! When using the bib, ensure that the Velcro fastener isn’t resting on or rubbing baby’s neck, which might cause irritation leading to an agitated peewee (the last thing you need during mealtime). Also note if bubba’s skin turns red after it has been in contact with the bib – this could point to possible allergies — in which case, stop using the bib immediately.

We found these adorable versions!

1) Feeding Bib by Philips Avent

PRICE $15.90

FROM Tangs

WHAT A well-established brand with mothers, Philips Avent’s Bibs come in three bright colours — good for a simple, no-frills bib. Choose between the boyish blue, girly pink and the gender-neutral orange. All bibs are made with BPA-free material.

PARENTS SAY It is a bit pricey given the simple design of the bib. Others found it practical because it is easy to maintain, as there is no fancy designs that might make simple wear and tear more obvious.

2) Disposable Bibs by Neat Solutions Tidy Toppers

PRICE $4.74 (for 12)

FROM Agape Babies

WHAT Save on repeated washing with these PVC- and BPA-free disposable bibs. Each disposable bib, good for babies 6 months and up, comes in a three-ply design — the top is soft, the middle the most absorbent with a leak-proof bottom layer. Plus crumb-catcher!

PARENTS SAY Very convenient especially when you eat out and it might be difficult to get access to water to rinse the bib, such as when you’re out in the park for a picnic. The affordable price tag makes it attractive and it’s free-sized (depending on your baby, this could be a pro or a con).


3) Make My Day Bibs

PRICE $17.43

FROM Lazada

WHAT Made with stain-resistant completely food-grade BPA-, PVC-, phthalate-free silicone. The bib also comes with an adjustable strap, which should suit kewpie from 7 months to 3 years. Express your little one’s personality with the wide range of designs — a pearly necklace, a cute penguin or popsicles.

PARENTS SAY It’s an affordable bib with a good variety of designs. Another big plus is the foldable design (despite the crumb-catcher)! One tester complained that silicone bibs often have a strong smell which can put baby off (though the smell vanishes over time).

4) Jujube Be Neat Onyx Reversible Bib


FROM Pupsik Studio

WHAT Navy blue and white stripes on one side and anchors on the other, this bib’s for bubs if he’s into all things nautical. The Agion antimicrobial lining of the bib slows the growth of odour-causing bacteria, mould and mildew — good if you need to store it for extended periods of time. The bib’s fabric is treated with Teflon, making it stain- and liquid-resistant. Best of all, it is machine-washable!

PARENTS SAY The reversible nature of the bib takes the bite out of the price for some parents. The magnetic catch on this bib also makes it easy to find a good fit, as compared to the usual latch collars. The anchors are just way too cute and chic!


5) Zoo Bibs (Elephant) by Skip Hop

PRICE $14.90

FROM Niche Babies

WHAT The fabric bib is made with BPA-, PVC- and phthalate-free and water resistant material. After use, it can be folded neatly to fit into the pouch, which allows for easy storage — a handy feature to have when dining out. The bib is good for babies 6 months or older. If your little one loves the elephant design, you can grab a lunch box and school bag in matching designs!

PARENTS SAY The Velcro on the strap is off to the side, thus it might be harder to keep it on bubba especially if they keep grabbing and tugging it.


Read on to check out these drool (worthy) bibs!



6) Ideal Baby Muslin Snap Bibs by Aden + Anais

PRICE $10.74 (pack of 3)

FROM Agape Babies

WHAT These bibs are made with a mix of cotton and polyester, making them soft to the touch and breathable — a must for our humid weather. The manufacturer claims that the bibs “get softer with every wash” (we’re not sure if that’s a good thing since softer fabrics often mean thinning fabrics…) It’s good for newborns and up.

PARENTS SAY The polyester backing ensures the saliva doesn’t soak through to baby’s clothes. The design is gender neutral and simple, although most of the bib’s in white, which could make stains a lot more obvious.


7) Patterned Neckerchew Teething Bibs (Dino Friends) by Cheeky Chompers

PRICE $29.90

FROM Pupsik Studio

WHAT Hunting after bubba’s dropped teether is a thing of the past! Shaped like a bandana, these reversible bibs come with a soft chewy phthalate-free teether attached at its tip (hence the name “neckerchew”). The light and soft jersey-cotton fabric makes the reversible bib breathable, thus reducing the likelihood of a heat rash. It is suitable for babies two months and up. The neckerchew also come in a wide variety of designs — from pink polka-dots against grey fabric to stripes in muted shades of blue and white.

PARENTS SAY The dual buttons on the back of the bib allow for kewpie to use it even as they grow up. The playful designs can turn the neckerchew into a fashion accessory!

8) Drybib by Bandana Bib

PRICE $15.90

FROM Motherswork

WHAT These Australian-made bibs are made with a combination of cotton and fleece. The cotton face of the bandana is highly absorbent and the fleece blocks contact between munchkin’s top and saliva-soaked bandana. The design of the bandana creates a “tunnel”, which allows the fleece to effectively disperse wetness while promoting airflow — an efficient and effective way to wick moisture away. The wide variety of design means a lot of choice.

PARENTS SAY Fleece is not known to be waterproof so the hot weather and baby’s body temperature can cause the bib to reek of saliva before it dries.


9) Hello Goodbye Two Pack Bibs by UnderTheNile

PRICE $26.91

FROM First Few Years

WHAT A good way to introduce bubba to the different languages of the world, the bib’s design is populated with hello and goodbye in five languages — English, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and French. It is designed to fit newborns and up. However the bib’s only available in two colours —blue or pink.

PARENTS SAY The bib’s predominantly white in colour so it can become very obvious when it’s soiled. Plus there’s that Velcro problem also…

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