Playing dress up is loads of fun, so here are the best places for you to get that perfect getup!

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With Halloween just mere weeks away, there’s no time to waste to tog out junior in his favourite character!

Even if you don’t celebrate Halloween, dress-up play is great for the kiddos ― it helps their imagination to develop, gives them a sense of empathy because they see the world through the eyes of a character, and even builds their vocabulary, learning words they may otherwise not use.

So, get the inside scoop on how to get the best kid’s costumes in Singapore, right here!

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PRICE From $2 for accessories, to $107.99 for a Genie costume.

WHAT This Plaza Singapore-based store lets you pick from a huge selection of costumes, but if you’re strapped for time, you have plenty of online options, too. Hit the ‘Halloween’ tab and it’ll brings you straight to the page with all the costumes. Your toddler will look absolutely adorable in the Spooky Hollow Pumpkin costume ($13.49), while your mini-me will look totally fabulous in the Spooky Hollow Vampire Dress ($18.74). Besides costumes, lots of home decorations and trick or treat buckets will add something special to your Halloween celebration. Standard delivery costs $9.90 (for any number of products).

PARENTS SAY If you plan to get a number of costumes, here’s a good place to look. There are plenty of options under $20, especially if you know that you’re little ones will only be wearing these outfits once before they outgrow them!  (Photo: Spotlight)

Costume City


PRICE From around $28 for a costume.

WHAT With more than 10,000 outfits for you to choose from, you’re spoilt for choice here. Let your little man save the day in his Honourable Prince costume ($49), which includes a top, trousers, cape and crown, or let your sweetie play Egyptian royalty as Cleopatra ($49) ― the outfit includes a top, skirt with attached belt, cape, collar and headpiece. There’s also a huge range of superheroes’ and Star Wars’ costumes, as well as vocation costumes for little “pilots” and “doctors”.

PARENTS SAY The site may not seem impressive at first glance, but spend some time trawling through the pages and you’ll surely find some gems! There are so many costumes on this site, we’re sure that junior will end up with something absolutely unique and memorable.

(Photo: Costume City)



PRICE Costumes start from as low as $7.

WHAT Narrow down your search by category by clicking the “Toys & Games” button, then narrowing it down further by clicking ‘Dress Up & Pretend Play’. You’ll find an assortment of playthings, including costumes for your peewees! The price range is pretty big, so make sure you spend some time going through the listings to get the best deal.

PARENTS SAY We were pleasantly surprised with the elaborate costumes we could find on Lazada. If your little one is a fan of movies, the Harry Potter Kids Gryffindor Cloak ($24.62), and The Little Mermaid ($21.20) are sure to thrill!



PRICE From $9.99 for a Hawaiian hula costume, to $198.99 for a vampire rig.

WHAT Search under the ‘Kids’ category of this website, and you’ll find a large number of subcategories, including Disney Princesses, Cowboys, Video Games and even zombies! Got a pooch at home? It can join in the fun, too, with these costumes! Deliver is free for purchases over $200, otherwise there is a $14.90 fee.

PARENTS SAY The costumes on this site may be pricier, but are made of quality material. We also spotted some amazing costumes here that we couldn’t find anywhere else, like the Spongebob Toddler Costume ($79.99) and the Paw Patrol pups from (from $59.99).



PRICE From $44 to $71 for a kid’s costume.

WHAT We love the variety that this site stocks because you can bring junior’s costumes up a notch by throwing in a bunch of accessories, like hats or face masks! We like the Red Riding Hood costume ($54) and the Stealth Ninja ($49) outfits!

PARENTS SAY If you don’t feel like ordering online, it’s a good idea to browse the website and narrow down the costumes that junior likes, then head down to the store at #02-51 The Central Shopping Mall, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street. There, you’ll be able to touch and feel the actual costumes.

Customade Costume & Merchandise (CCM)


PRICE Kids costumes cost between $25 and $40, for a rental duration of three days.

WHAT If you want to rent instead of buy, look no further than CCM. CCM prides itself as being the biggest costume house in town, and it stocks more than 50,000 costumes. You’ll find costumes and mascots of TV and movie characters, sports stars, superheroes, villians, and muchmore. View the costumes at 3 Kelantan Lane ― it operates from 10.30am to 8pm from on weekdays, and 10am to 5pm on Saturdays. The store is closed on Sundays and public holidays.

PARENTS SAY Renting is a great choice for one-off party or Halloween event! It saves you money, and you don’t worry about having to store the costume for the rest of the year! While you can’t buy the costumes online, you’d want to visit the store anyway, if only to check out the enormous variety available!

Party with Us


PRICE From around $50 a costume

WHAT Are you, or your kiddo a Mickey Mouse fan? Trust us, he’s going to look so adorable in the Mickey Mouse Body Suit ($54). The official Disney costume comes with a character hood and snap closure along the front and inseams.

PARENTS SAY While the other websites impressed us with the large variety of costumes, this one impressed us with the easy navigation. The online store only stocks a couple of costumes, so check out the store (#01-27 Bukit Timah Plaza, 1 Jalan Anak Bukit), if you’re looking for something else.