Make mealtimes fun and cleanup a breeze with these weaning essentials that are a winner.

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Unless bubba is on baby-led weaning ― you’re offering solid foods instead of purées — at six months, you’ll soon realise that mealtimes are going to be very different once junior reaches toddlerhood.

This is the stage when your little one learns that he is his own person and loves exerting his new-found independence. With this comes the desire to be in control, especially during mealtimes.

He is more intrigued with self feeding and less interested in having you spoon food into his mouth. Encourage such behaviour as it will do wonders for his self-esteem. At the same time, recognise that you’ll need fabulous feeding gets to support his self-feeding efforts. 

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Bumkins Waterproof Sleeved Bib

PRICE From US$11.74

FROM Amazon

WHAT If you’re doing baby-led weaning and your kitchen looks like a war zone, this bib will surely come in handy. Lightweight, generously sized and with long sleeves, this bib goes above and beyond its call of duty not just to catch spills, but also saves his clothes from permanent stains. Plus, you won’t need to wash up your little one up after every meal. The adjustable tie closure at the back fits all body types snugly, while a catch-all pocket prevents errant pieces of food from falling and soiling the floor.

PARENTS SAY “The tie closure means my rambunctious boys can’t pull them off. They are also easy to use and clean. I can either hand wash or throw them in the washing machine, then hang to dry,” Pereira notes.

Sesame Street Fork & Spoon

PRICE $25.90

FROM Qoo10

WHAT Invite Sesame Street’s most adorable resident to be a part of dinner since Elmo makes everything more fun! The BPA-free specially-molded ergonomic Elmo handles are great for little fingers to grip, while rounded fork tines pick up food, yet won’t prick your peewee’s fingers. The spoon is perfect for scooping up toddler-sized portions.

PARENTS SAY “My 2-year-old absolutely loves this set. He asks for it every evening during dinner. He plays with Elmo and eats at the same time. It’s also very light, so we can bring it for meals on the go,” says mum-of-one Gloria Tseng.


EZPZ Mini Mat


FROM Mothercare

WHAT Make this award-winning product your mini-me‘s BFF soonest because it’s both a placemat and a serving plate. Thanks to suction, it attaches to any surface, while different sections let you serve a variety of dishes in age-appropriate proportions to your peewee. The colourful mat designs with smiley faces will add to your tyke’s positive dining experience. There is also a version featuring a bowl. Both are microwave and oven safe.

PARENTS SAY “My daughter tries to yank this mat off but it’s so strong it always stays in place. I also like that it’s two-in-one so I only have one thing to wash!” says mum-of-three Shivani Rai. 

KidsFunwares Me Time Meal Set

PRICE From US$12.18

FROM Amazon

WHAT Got a fussy eater on your hands? These melamine plates feature different themes, colours and designs. They are so fun, junior will be begging to have his meals on them just so he can indulge in some pretend play. Buy several, so that one day he can be a fireman and a construction worker the next. Little ladies are also not left out thanks to the mermaid and unicorn themed-plates. Most plates include a matching fork and spoon.  

PARENTS SAY “It was very helpful when I was transitioning my twins to a meal involving a fork and spoon. They are pretty durable and have held up well so far through food fights and toddler tantrums,” says mum-to-twin-boys Janice Pereira. 

Super Healthy Kids MyPlate Divided Kids Portion Plat

PRICE US$19.95/pack of four

FROM Amazon

WHAT Worried that junior might not be getting enough from each food group or too much of one? Use the perfectly portioned MyPlate to keep your kewpie’s diet in check. The four neatly-divided sections remind you just how much carbs, protein, fruits and veggies your mini-muncher should eat at every meal in order to enjoy a balanced diet.

PARENTS SAY “After getting this plate I realised I was feeding my son more carbs than I was supposed to! He also likes to find the ingredients from the fridge and match it to the illustrations on the plate. When doing that he’s learning more about food and nutrition,” says Tseng.

TinyDiner Silicone Waterproof Placemat

PRICE $12.80

FROM Qoo10

WHAT Suction cups in this silicone placemat keep it in place, while a built-in “gutter” catches spills. It’s washable and durable, but best of all it’s flexible enough to be rolled up and tucked neatly into any bag. Take it with you when you dine out with your tyke and you’ll no longer have to apologise to the wait staff for the mess junior is making. Comes in a fun cloud design and vibrant colours.

PARENTS SAY “I like that it stays in place, so even when my tot gets ‘wild’ during mealtimes, it doesn’t topple over like a plate might. Most food stains also come off easily,” notes Serene Tan, 31, mum to Sarah, 15 months.  

TK Choice Waterproof Silicone baby Bib

PRICE US$19.99

FROM Amazon

WHAT These waterproof bad boys repel all food and drinks that come into contact with them.  Simply use a wet cloth to wipe and they’re back to their pristine condition. They also dry quickly, so they can be used throughout the day. Made from 100 per cent hypoallergenic food grade silicone, they have the widest and deepest stay-open pockets that’ll catch food and liquids. Available in adorable prints including a bow-tie and a string of pearls.

PARENTS SAY “It’s so stylish and well made. I love that you can clean it easily and use the same one every day. My baby also doesn’t try to yank it off like the other bibs. Since the size can be adjusted I can use it for my baby and toddler!” says mum-of-two Sarah Ibrahim.  

Skip Hop Zoo Straw Water Bottle

PRICE $11.61

FROM Pupsik Studio

WHAT Form meets function in these cute BPA-free bottles that pack a punch. The thick, plastic straw makes the transition from sippy cup to a “big girl/boy bottle” that’s easy to hold much easier. The leak-proof bottle cap stays secure, but is simple enough for little hands to open. Each bottle also features a small velcro strap that can be attached to anything. The best part: It comes in 11 adorable zoo-themed designs and colours.

PARENTS SAY “The parts are easy to take apart and wash thoroughly, so that no grime is left behind. My little boy also loves the different designs and it is light enough for him to carry it himself,” says Tseng.