BUYER’S GUIDE 8 popular kids’ books and their hilarious adult versions [Photo Gallery]

Revisit junior’s favourite stories, except that you’ll now be better able to relate to the more adult themes!

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Ask any parent and they’ll tell you their favourite time is to cuddle up every evening with their little ones after dinner and a shower to read junior their favourite bedtime stories.


Night after night, page after page, you and your brood go on swashbuckling adventures, fight crime superhero style or get lost in a magical love story. It’s sweet and a great way to unwind together after a long day.


However, have you ever wondered how these stories would sound if they were written for adults?


Well, you’re in luck. We’ve done a search and found adult-only versions of your kiddo’s favourite tales. Get ready to roll on the floor with laughter, but remember, these books are strictly for your eyes only and not meant to be part of junior’s bedtime book rotation!


Scroll through the photo gallery to find out what these “naughty” books are. Don’t worry, you can keep the info just between us. 


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The Very Hungry Caterpillar & The Very Hungover Caterpillar

PRICE $46.50 and $13.77

FROM Lazada and Book Depository

WHAT The Eric Carle classic follows a furry caterpillar on its journey to becoming a beautiful butterfly. Not before it goes on a massive eating orgy though! The adult version follows the same idea, but this time, a dad as he attempts to shake off his hangover by eating whatever he can get his hands on, and annoying his family in the process.

PARENTS SAY “Takes you back to the pre-baby days and you remember just how gruelling hangovers used to be. Probably more so at this age and with kids!” says dad Kristian Saunders. (Photos: Lazada and

The Cat in The Hat & The Kid in the Crib  

PRICE  $9.92 and $16.90

FROM Book Depository and Book Depository  

WHAT Written to tickle and appeal to a child's imagination, Dr Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat has won hearts all over for its unique combination of hilarious stories, zany pictures, rhymes and repetition. The Kid in the Cribbrilliantly reimagines this classic tale for mums and dads struggling with the challenges of modern-day parenting. You can’t help but LOL as you read verses like, “The kid spat up white, The kid spat up green, The kid spat up more spit up, Than we'd ever seen.”

PARENTS SAY “It is hilarious and true. You’ll be nodding with agreement and laughing all the way,” says dad Sam Tan. (Photos: Lazada and Book Depository)

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt & We’re Going on a Bar Hunt: A Parody

PRICE $9.89 and $14.04

FROM Book Depository and Book Depository

WHAT In We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, a father and his four children skid down a grassy slope, swish across a river, trudge through mud and, of course, see the bear they’ve been trying to hunt down ― which proceeds to chase them all the way home. In the adult parody, the hunt continues, but this time it’s for a bar by two sets of parents eager to enjoy a night out away from the kids. They encounter a series of watering holes before an alarming encounter with a “bear” sends them dashing home to their children, while renouncing any future plans for a bar hunt.

PARENTS SAY “Guaranteed to put a smile on your face if you're a parent who's ever tried to organise a rare night out after the kids came along, only to regret it the next day,” says mum Jacintha Chase. (Photos: Lazada and

The Giving Tree & The Taking Tree

PRICE $29.85 (Hardcover + Spoken Word Compact Disc) and $20.45

FROM Books Kinokuniya Singapore and Book Depository

WHAT The Giving Tree documents a young boy’s growth into manhood, and then into old age, as he experiences the love and generosity of a tree which gives to him without expecting anything in return. Reading it to little ones is a great way to impart values of goodness and generosity. The Taking Tree on the other hand, has a hilarious and rather realistic view of those who just take and take and never give back. Because, there are such people as well in the world, unfortunately.

PARENTS SAY “I probably won’t be reading The Taking Tree to my children any time soon, but it’s still a funny book,” says Tan. (Photos: Book Depository and ABC News)

Goodnight Moon & Goodnight Nanny-Cam: A Parody for Modern Parents

PRICE $15.94 and $16.24

FROM Books Kinokuniya Singapore and Book Depository

WHAT The perennial children's classic has gotten a hilarious update revolving around modern-day parents. The original story, written in 1947, bids a gentle goodnight to the bowl of mush and an old lady who is whispering hush. Its parody, however, mentions BPA-free bottles, Baby Einstein DVDs, and a bowl full on organic mush instead as a sly reference to today’s over parenting culture.

PARENTS SAY “You will laugh and you will cringe because either you are that helicopter parent or you know of someone who is,” says mum-of-three Kasthuri Mani. (Photos:

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie & If You Give a Kid a Cookie (Will He Shut The F**k Up?)

PRICE $26.17 and $20.29

FROM Books Kinokuniya Singapore and Book Depository

WHAT When you give a mouse a cookie, it’ll ask for a glass of milk, then look in a mirror to make sure it doesn't have a milk moustache. Does the same happen when you give a kid a cookie? That is the question at the heart of this hilarious, honest and profanity-laced book for parents. After giving in to a kid’s tantrumsby offering him a cookie, the events that follow test these parents to their breaking point. At the same time, this makes for an incredibly entertaining and amusing read.

PARENTS SAY “Great book for all parents, especially new ones since it can act as a cautionary tale, because we will all find ourselves at that breaking point one time or another,” says mum Zurina Othman. (Photos: Amazon and Book Depository)

Oh, The Places You’ll Go! & Oh, The Meetings You’ll Go To!: A Parody

PRICE $26.38 and $21.17

FROM OpenTrolley and Book Depository

WHAT From soaring to great heights and seeing singular sights, to being left in a Lurch on a prickle-ly perch, Dr. Seuss’s classic tale addresses life's ups and downs with his trademark humour-filled verse and illustrations. The book, which prepares kids for the adventures life has in store for him, has a simple message ― life is a balancing act, but don’t stop having fun in the process. In the same vein (more or less) Oh, The Meetings You’ll Go To, helps young graduates get a handle on what’s about to hit them as they enter the corporate world. “You'll meet the world's brightest, you'll hang with the best! And now that you've met them, you'll work with the rest!”. Nothing like healthy dose of reality we say.

PARENTS SAY “Read the kid’s version first, followed by the adult one. It will make you laugh so hard,”says Chase. (Photos: OpenTrolley and Amazon)

The Tiger Who Came to Tea & The Teenager Who Came to Tea 

PRICE $25.97 and $13.77

FROM OpenTrolley and Book Depository

WHAT The doorbell rings just as little Sophie and her mum are sitting down to tea. Who could it be? Oh, it’s a big furry striped tiger! This classic story of Sophie and her extraordinary tea-time guest has been loved by millions since it was first published 50 years ago. But what happens when the updated version has a brooding modern-day teenager knocking on the door as Sophie and her dad settle down for tea. Why did he take a selfie with a tube of Pringles and who is that he’s constantly texting? More curious than a tiger, indeed!

PARENTS SAY “A perfect read for anyone who is raising a teenager in this day and age,” says mum Sandy Goh. (Photos: OpenTrolley and Amazon)