Restful slumber needn’t be a distant dream when you’re pregnant. We have great sleep aid suggestions!


Pregnancy hormones. These “culprits” are to blame for you losing precious shuteye when you’re preggers. Changes to your body’s hormonal balance can lead to problems such as leg cramps, heartburn, water retention and frequent toilet visits.

In addition, the emotional stress of your munchkin’s imminent arrival can make it even harder to fall asleep every night. Try these sleep solutions, so that you clock up quality shuteye every night!

Sleeping eye masks

PRICE $5.31

FROM Lazada

WHAT An eye mask can helps block bright lights when you’re in bed. And if find yourself feeling a tired during the day, catching a quick power nap should do wonders for your waning energy levels.

PARENTS SAY Sarah Lim, who recently gave birth, says these eye masks were useful during her third trimester. Slipping on an eye mask eliminated the need for her to physically draw the curtains when she snoozed during the day.

Breathe Right Nasal Strips


PRICE $8.90

FROM Guardian

WHAT Breathing strips can improve air flow by opening up your nasal passageways. As persistent snoring could be a sign of obstructive sleep apnoea, these strips are a useful drug-free method snorers can try before seeking a specialist’s help!

PARENTS SAY Clement Goh, a father-to-be, said using such airstrips has helped alleviate his wife’s snoring partially, which, in turn, has helped them both enjoy better sleep at night.

Lemongrass House Lavender Room & Pillow Spray

PRICE $16.15

FROM Lazada

WHAT Essential oils like lavender have a calming effect on the human body while easing various discomforts such as a stuffy nose. With this room and pillow mist, you won’t need to prepare an aroma diffusers. Remember, that you’ll only have to mist gently once a week as only a small amount is needed.

PARENTS SAY The scent from the light and sweet-smelling spray can linger for two to three days. It’s better to spritz the room instead of spraying directly on the pillow, which can be too intense for some.

Dreamgenii Pregnancy and Feeding Support Pillow



FROM Pupsik

WHAT A pregnancy support pillow promotes more restful sleep by removing some of the strain caused by your growing bum’s weight. If you aren’t used to sleeping on your left side, this pillow can help you get used to this new sleeping position gradually. Lying on the pillow prevents you from rolling onto your back as you sleep. You can even use the pillow as a nursing support once baby arrives.

PARENTS SAY This is a good support pillow that’ll help you adjust gradually to sleeping on your side. The firm padding promotes a better sleeping posture, while providing additional support for your baby bump. It’s also machine washable.

Full-Support Pregnancy Pillow

PRICE $49.90

FROM Lazada

WHAT The curvy contours of this pillow on the inside runs down your body’s front and back , offering full-body support. These curves — called the unique groove design — promise to improve your body’s posture and position as you drift off, as well as prevent arm numbness. Use to support your lower back support when you sit up in bed; following delivery, convert it support your nursing effort.

PARENTS SAY Chris Ang says his wife, who’s in her third trimester, finds this a no-frills and affordable alternative to other support pillows on sale. She also likes the firm support the padding offers.

Theraline Maternity & Nursing Pillow


PRICE $89.10

FROM Agape Babies

WHAT The micro-bead filling in the cushion adapts to your bump/shape when you rest on it. Place it between your thighs to alleviate any discomfort in your legs.

PARENTS SAY Megan Low, who has a newborn, likes it because it didn’t restrict her sleeping positions. It’s also stiff enough to support her bump during pregnancy. Low, who is now using the pillow when she nurses her little one, adds that the motifs add colour to her bedroom.

Mothercare Wedge Pillow



FROM Mothercare

WHAT Those who just look for simple back support will like this wedge cushion as it supports your back without you having to sleep in a specific position. You can also use it to shore up your lower back when you are sitting in an upright position.

PARENTS SAY Janette Liew, who is the third trimester of her pregnancy, likes it because it is not bulky like the usual contoured support cushions. It also helped to relieve the hip pain that was keeping her up at night.

You can also try these help-you-sleep strategies:

* Balanced diet A balanced diet can prevent health issues like obesity and gestational diabetes ― remember, your health problems can impact your little one’s health, too. So, take calcium-rich foods like low-fat milk, cheese and yoghurt. Drink a glass of warm milk before bedtime as milk is packed with a sleep-inducing protein called L-tryptophan.

* Regular exercise Including regular exercise in your routine can promote better physical and mental health for both you and your growing foetus. It can also boost your sleep quality at night, too Just be sure to skip any form of vigorous exercise — like running or swimming — four hours before you go to bed.

* Make sure your sleep space is a gadget-free zone The blue light your tech toys emit can ruin your sleep patterns. So, no smartphone, tablet or even TV two hours before sleep. Keep your bedroom cool, dimly lit and quiet.

* Get a massage before sleeping A before-bedtime massage not only helps you sleep better, it’s a great couple bonding activity. Get your hubby to focus on areas that are prone to issues such as your calves, arms and wrists to alleviate swelling caused by fluid retention.

* Relaxation exercises Set aside time to meditate before turning in. It can help calm and relax your mind and muscles. Inhale and exhale deeply and focus all your attention on your breathing for at least 15 minutes.

* Try different sleep positions This includes keeping your head in an up-right position to alleviate acid reflux, as well as sleeping on your left side during the last trimester. The latter lessens the pressure your body weight puts on the liver.

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