Tuck into nourishing fare minus the hassle when you pick a handy confinement meal delivery service.

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As a new mother, you get the energy and stamina to keep up with your newborn from nutritious, well-balanced meals. If you’re breastfeeding, then your newborn’s growth and development will also benefit from your diet of healthy food.

More importantly, a confinement food diet — a popular practice among Asians regardless of race — often contains the crucial herbs and remedies to promote postnatal healing. In traditional Chinese medicine, these dishes tend to include ingredients to help the body purge “wind”, enhance blood circulation and promote milk supply.

The trouble is, you’ll have your hands full with just bathing, changing and feeding your newborn round the clock! So, choosing a catering service can free up your time, so that you can focus your attention on playing with your cherub and recovering.

Nor do you need to commit to a provider right away as all these confinement meal services offer affordable trial meals. Scroll through our photo gallery to see our picks!

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WHAT Instead of the usual metal tiffin carriers, NannySOS delivers all its dishes in thermo-tubs to ensure everything is warm and fresh. You can also sample this food’s quality by ordering one ($32) or two trial meals ($42). However, as the fixed trial menu offers just two menu options, each has a small selection dishes that are not as “heaty” to avoid upsetting your body’s balance.

PRICE RANGE Single daily meals cost between $430 for a week and $840 for 28 days. Prices for two meals cost between $430 for a week and $1,680 for 28 days.

WHY WE LOVE IT Choose from two meal packages. The Revitalise package has weekly meal plans designed to progressively heal your body. All meals come with different dishes that won’t be repeated, as well as a serving of soup. If you are game for meals that are rich in ginger, sesame oil, wine and red dates, then the Traditional package is for you. The dishes are nu from two menus — one for week one and three, another for weeks two and four. (Photo: NannySOS)

Thomson Baby by Thomson Medical

WHAT Developed by a team of nutrition and TCM experts, Thomson Baby promises that it’s catering menu will enhance your body’s healing gradually during your confinement. You’ll enjoy herbal soups like ginseng chicken alongside scrumptious dishes like braised pork ribs with chestnuts and wolfberries. Plus, you can also switch out pork for fish or chicken. But if you are looking for confinement favourites like braised pig trotters in black vinegar or chicken essence with wine, these are only available — at an additional cost — when you purchase of a 28-day package.

PRICE RANGE Single meal options cost between $488 for a week and $1,188 for 28 days. Prices for two meals cost between $643 and $1,980 for 28 days.

WHY WE LOVE IT A halal menu is also available. Pick a single meal option and it’ll cost between $600 for two weeks and $999 for 28 days. Two-meal menus cost $999 for two weeks and $1,688 for 28 days. Trial lunch or dinner meals ($58) also available. (Photo: Thomson Baby)

RichFood Catering

WHAT If you dislike mutton and beef, you’ll like RichFood Catering’s confinement meals. Dishes are placed in microwaveable containers instead of thermal flasks and containers, so you save on doing the dishes. You can also hang on to the thermal bags after you’ve completed your order. Order a trial lunch or dinner meal ($32.10) on Saturdays. Expectant mums are advised to consume the trial meal only after their second trimester.

PRICE RANGE Single meals cost $409 for two weeks to $809 for 28 days. Twin meals cost $409 for one week to $1,529 for 28 days. If the delivery destination falls within the ERP area, additional charges apply.

WHY WE LOVE IT Turn your confinement meals into a family meal by purchasing additional portions for your family members. For single meal packages, prices are from $56 per person per week. Pssst, one additional portion can feed one adult and a young child. (Photo: RichFood Catering)

Chilli Padi Peranakan Restaurant and Catering

WHAT Chilli Padi’s yummy meals include dishes like grilled salmon fillets with mirin sauce and even shabu shabu with XO wine. Free from MSG and low in fat and salt, these dishes are a good choice for the figure conscious. Arrange a trial meal ($25) to sample the quality of the food. All chicken dishes are made with Sakura chicken ― reared through an organic farming process, this type of chicken is also low in fat and cholesterol.

PRICE RANGE Single meals cost $447 for two weeks to $875 for 28 days. Two meals cost $875 for two weeks and $1,678 for 28 days.

WHY WE LOVE IT All meals at Chilli Padi, which offers island-wide delivery services, come with longan tea and a serving of fragrant steamed white or brown rice. (Photo: Chilli Padi)

Jessie Catering

WHAT The soups Jessie Catering provides can be as elaborate as those served in restaurants such as jade bamboo with red dates and black chicken soup or something tonic like American Ginseng black chicken soup. Dishes like chicken kurma will hit the spot if you’re in the mood for Indian fare. And…you’ll be treated to complimentary bird’s nest every Friday. A trial meal (for lunch or dinner) costs $45 each.

PRICE RANGE Single meal deliveries cost $245 for a week to $980 for 28 days. Two meal deliveries cost $472 for a week to $1,888 for 28 days

WHY WE LOVE IT Looking for something healthier than plain old white steamed rice? Why not bump up the health factor by opting for pumpkin or brown rice. (Photo: Jessie Catering)

Natal Essentials

WHAT You’ll enjoy a menu that’s tailored to your special needs if you order from Natal Essentials, compared to the remaining three weeks. This is because the broth’s herbal properties are designed to enhance the type of healing your body needs. For instance, in the beginning, you’ll need to soothe your nerves, but later, you’ll need to nourish your hair. So, you may feast on double-boiled Discorea White Fungus chicken soup in the first week, but get double-boiled he shou wu (Polygonum) chicken soup subsequently. Trial lunch or dinner meals are also available at $32.10.

PRICE RANGE Single meals start at $447.26 for two weeks to $875.26 for 28 days. Double meals cost $447.26 for a week to $1,699.16 for 28 days.

WHY WE LOVE IT If you prefer to have different meals catered on different days, pick the Non-package Customised Menu option. Call 6755-4747 to find out more. (Photo: Natal Essentials)