From easing nausea to backache, these pregnancy items will help you sail through those tough nine months!

Dreamgenii 2-in-1 Pregnancy Support & Feeding Pillow

PRICE $89.90
FROM Pupsik
WHAT This support pillow’s unique shape, including cushiony support for your back, bump and legs, should give you a comfortable night’s sleep. It encourages you to lie on your left side, which is the ideal position for you and your baby. You can use it to as a breastfeeding support once your baby arrives. The cover is machine washable
PARENTS SAY “This pillow completely changed my life,” says Raina Low, mum to Nerissa, 1. “I could barely sleep because my tummy was so heavy when I was pregnant, and this really helped. I love it so much, I still use it to sleep,” she adds. It’s pricey, but it’s pretty decent value when you factor in that you can convert it into a breastfeeding pillow after you deliver. 

Birth-ease Birth Ball

PRICE From $39.90
FROM Pupsik Studio
WHAT Find relief from pregnancy back pain with this birth ball, which you can also use for exercises that will help your baby get into the optimal position for a natural delivery. It also comes in handy for prenatal exercises, such as when you do squats, stretches, leg bends, as well as pelvic-floor exercises. During labour, it not only helps supports mobile birth positions, it’ll help you relax. Available in two sizes, the ball’s non-slip, latex-free surface has been tested to hold up to 300kg in weight.
PARENTS SAY This birth ball is great for the active mum, who intends to keep up her fitness routine during pregnancy. Even if you are not that physical, simply sitting on it will help you strengthen your core gently. It’s safe for you and bubba ― we love the ball’s anti-burst construction, meaning that it will deflate gradually and prevent injury if it’s punctured while you sit on it.

Sea-Band Anti-Nausea Motion Sickness & Morning Sickness Relief Band For Adults

PRICE $14.20/pair
FROM Guardian
WHAT You’ll probably welcome anything that helps keep food down if you suffer from nausea and morning sickness, particularly during your first trimester. This non-drowsy, drug-free solution uses a plastic stud to put continuous pressure on the P6 (or Nei-Kuan) point on each wrist to prevent nausea and offer relieve.
PARENTS SAY It’s simple to use, safe for the pregnant mum and has no side effects. We especially like that this drug-free solution helps ease expectant mothers’ queasies throughout the day. 

Bra Extenders

PRICE $1.77 for three
FROM Lazada
WHAT One thing you can count on when you’re preggers ― your bras will get tight in no time! These bra extenders attach onto two-hook bras directly, so the range of your regular bras are easily extended. Each extender features six hooks in three positions, perfect since your breasts grow during pregnancy. The soft backing keep your skin comfortable, and it comes in three colours ― black, beige and white.
PARENTS SAY A simple product like this can save you hundreds of dollars and lots of discomfort! Instead of rushing out to buy a whole new bunch of bras in your new size, a couple of dollars will allow you to make full use of the ones you currently own. Do note that you can’t pick your preferred colour as the extenders are randomly sent. That said, the price certainly can’t be beat. 

Fertility Mind Bando Maternity Belly Band

PRICE $23.94
FROM Agape Babies
WHAT Solve your maternity wardrobe problems with this belly band. The strong yet soft stretch allows you to wear it under shorter tops, while covering your bump, or even smoothening out any ill-fitting clothes during this time. The unique fabric also supports your lower back and tummy, so you feel more comfortable during the day. It’s available in two sizes, S-M and M-L.
PARENTS SAY This super-versatile belly band makes any pregnancy outfit more wearable and comfortable. Post-delivery, you can even use it to smoothen out unwanted bumps and lumps, and to cover up your tummy when you breastfeed. Simply wear it up to your bra line, then lift your top and feed your baby discreetly.

Traditional Medicinals Organic Pregnancy Herbal Tea

PRICE $6/16 wrapped tea bags
FROM Mothercare
WHAT Ease morning sickness with this herbal blend that also tones the uterus and prepares the womb for childbirth. The tea, a combination of raspberry and nettle leaf, as well as herbs like alfalfa, has a mild, minty taste.
PARENTS SAY It’s comforting to slowly sip a hot beverage, especially when you’re feeling nauseous. Aimee Goh, mum to Abigail, 3 months, drank this several times a week during her pregnancy. “I was avoiding anything with caffeine, so I really missed my morning cup of coffee. This made up for it, and even better, the herbs are good for pregnant mums.”

Fertile Mind Belly Belt Combo Kit

PRICE $26.90
FROM Pupsik Studio
WHAT Use this belly belt combo kit to convert your regular trousers and shorts into maternity wear. Available in three colours ― denim, black and white ― so that you can coordinate with your choice of trousers, it works on both button- and slide-fastening bottoms.
PARENTS SAY A brilliant solution that’s so simple to use!  If you worry that the band is unsightly, wear a longer top, or use the maternity belly band (above) to cover the belt. You’ll be wearing your regular jeans long into your pregnancy. Says Raudha Ismail, who is 6 months pregnant, “It’s my best pregnancy buy. It keeps me comfortable in my regular jeans and pants, and saves me a lot of money.” 

CONTEC Baby Sound B Pocket Fetal Doppler  

My Brest Friend Pregnancy Wedge

PRICE $41.00
FROM Qoo10
WHAT A simple pregnancy wedge such as this might just help you enjoy more snooze time If the pregnancy pillow is too much for you. Made of foam with a 100 per cent cotton machine-washable slipcover, you can use it to prop up your bump and support your belly while you sleep, averting those nasty aches and pains when you wake up.
PARENTS SAY “This was wonderful for me, even in early pregnancy,” says Ismail. “Just move the wedge in closer to you if you need more support.” It offers value for money, and is really easy to take with you, especially if you’re travelling.